Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Grandma's House is Fun

At Grandma's house, there is always something fun to do (especially when cousins are around!).

There is watercolor painting,

trampoline jumping,
 pool time,


and even excavating.

And these are the adventures of only one day! It has been great to have Ellie and Hayden around this week. Eliza loves playing with other children, and I think she really needed the socialization.

The past couple of days have been great, mostly because I have been able to interact with Eliza, rather than simply watching her play with Nathan all day. I am gaining strength slowly, but surely. I hope my energy levels continue to rise and that I can do more with Eliza daily. Even though it may seem nice, laying on the couch all day reading and watching television is so overrated. I am done with the excessive lounging!

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  1. I wanna play! I'm so glad she's had playmates this week. Ellie and Hayden are definitely fun people to hang out with. Also, HOORAY for having more energy! Hope it keeps getting better!


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