Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, That Explains It

Remember when I complained about being unable to breathe? After yesterday's appointment with our perinatologist, we know exactly why it has been hard for me to catch my breath. Apparently, both boys are breech and their heads are directly below my ribs. When my diaphragm pulls downward, two solid objects are in the way.

Resistance = difficulty breathing.

While the ultrasound was being performed, I looked down in disbelief as the technician's transducer (fancy name for the scanning instrument) moved further and further up my stomach.  I was surprised when her hand stopped only a few inches away from my ribs and the profiles of the babies' faces were suddenly visible. All of the movement I have felt has been much lower in my stomach, so I guess their legs are the only things moving! This past week, my breathlessness has only worsened, so I am really hoping they decide to switch positions sometime soon.

I know I've had 13 weeks to get used to the idea of twins, but every time we have an ultrasound, it is  hard for me to believe there are two babies growing inside of me. Writing plural words like "they," "them," and "babies" still seems so surreal. I guess once we have two of everything (include the boys), reality will begin to sink in. I know I've said it a few times, but really, I am so excited!


  1. What little stinkers! I hope they turn and give you some relief soon. It does seem a little crazy that you guys are having TWO little guys. But so amazing as well.

  2. i still look at beckett and aiden and am blown away i have two babies. i never thought i'd have twins! i love having twins. mine are starting to interact with each other and love to snuggle and nurse and hold each others hands. seriously precious!!! i'm so so excited for you!!!

  3. Just think, this unable to breathe thing is going to extend to when they are both 4 and have brought the sprinkler into your living room and turned it on full blast ruining everything in sight.

    But seriously, two boys, so fun!


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