Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Conversation Snippets From a Recluse

Because my social interaction is limited to my mother-in-law, husband, daughter, and Facebook/blogs, I sometimes fear I am losing my sense of normalcy. I spend the majority of my time watching Eliza or thinking about twins and the rest of my time watching television and reading. This entire "lay down and rest" condition is turning me into a socially awkward hermit.

Due to my life being rather uneventful, I often feel as though I have nothing interesting to blog or write about. Things thankfully (very, very thankfully) have calmed down, so now my life updates are: "The babies gained 12 grams!" or "Eliza ate a hot dog!"

As I was brushing my teeth and preparing to go to bed, I thought about some of the ridiculous things I said today. Could I write a blog post about all of this exciting stuff? Why not!?

Here are some highlights from today:

Eliza: "As-not!"
Me: "Eliza, did you just say astronaut?" [She totally did! Thanks, Umi Zoomi.]

"The babies are nearly the size of a spaghetti squash! Wait? What is a spaghetti squash?"

"Really, Oprah? Show me a good episode!"

Nathan: "Did you start Cupcake Wars without me?!"
Me: "Maybe...You're always busy, and I want to watch it!"
Nathan: "Sorry. I guess I was too busy feeding our daughter."
Me: "I'll pause it."

"Nathan, you have gotta watch this! This lady wins both showcases on Price is Right!!"

Nathan: "Do you think I could play Wii for a little bit?"
Me: "But Jurassic Park is on..."
Nathan: "But this is the second time you've watched it tonight, and we own the movie."
Me: "....."
Nathan: "Fine. I didn't want to play anyway!"

I really can't wait to feel like a contributing member of society again. In the meantime, I should probably let Nathan play his video games. He definitely has earned the right after full-time Eliza duty!

And, just so I never forget...
In other news, Nathan and I had a water fight today. I was outside watching Eliza and him play and decided to make things interesting. The hose was there, and the water was waiting; I hit Nathan directly in the face! I didn't think he would retaliate against a poor, pregnant woman. I was wrong. He thoroughly soaked me as I laughed/screamed, and Eliza stared in disbelief.  I don't think I have laughed so much in weeks.


  1. Oh my gosh. I laughed aloud through this whole post.

    I love you.

  2. The Jurassic Park one did me in! Hahaha. That's awesome and I can totally see and hear Nathan saying all those things. Water fight! Hmmmm, sounds intriguing.


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