Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anniversary, Anniversary

Nathan and I celebrated our anniversary in a very traditional way: dinner and a movie. This, however, was a huge deal to us for a number of reasons:

A) We don't spend money these days.
B) We have only been to one movie since we've been married.
C) We have only had three dates (sans baby) in the last two years.

Crazy, right?

We felt a little guilty about going to Outback and then spending $19.00 to see Cowboys and Aliens, but it was totally worth it! Ty and Jenny, Nathan's brother and his wife, were able to join us, which made the outing even more exciting.

We ended the night with a quick trip to Sonic for milkshakes and ice cream. Lucky for us, someone drove off without their order, so we ended up with an extra strawberry milkshake and a delicious berry slush (which I was happy to take). Jenny is also pregnant, so we had a good excuse to eat as much as we wanted :) It couldn't have been more perfect!
Tonight, we're starting our third puzzle for the week and hanging out. Nothing fancy, but I'm happy :)

Thank you, Nathan for all that you do. I am grateful for all the sacrifices you continually make for our family. Eliza and I are blessed to have you. Happy Anniversary!
**p.s. This picture was taken as a joke, mocking the typical engagement stance, but I kind of really like it.

** p.p.s I would like to thank Becky for blogging about cool hair ideas. I loved the knotted braid, and it worked out great!


  1. Ugh, so remember how I have a side of my face that is super unflattering. You look way cute though. We had so much fun with you guys. I'm glad that we could enjoy the night with you.

  2. That last one is a total goofball shot, but you both look terrific! Can't wait to see you guys!

  3. Celia I'm glad I'm finally catching up on your blog!! I'm super jealous of your puzzle skills, as ever--I brought a 1000 piecer to our weeklong family reunion and it took us the WHOLE reunion to get it done. I am shame-faced.

  4. I also really like that last picture of you two. Celia you look so good! Love you!

  5. Celia! You look so good! You look healthy! Miss you!


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