Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brace Yourself

Tomorrow morning, we've leaving for Seattle. Nathan, Eliza, and I are going to visit two of our favorite couples before flying out to South Carolina on Friday. Although I've been to Washington countless times, I have never visited the western side of the state. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be doing much exploring. I couldn't make it through Costco earlier this week, so I don't plan on wandering through a new city.

I'm a little worried about the trip. Well, I am actually very worried.

Luckily, we found great flights and our travel time is surprisingly low (compared to our UT to SC flights). I plan on using a wheelchair throughout the airport and letting Nathan handle the stress of flying with Eliza. When Eliza and I flew home in April, we cried together on three of our four flights. Nathan was sorely missed. Flying with a toddler can be a traumatic experience for both parties! I don't think we'll ever want to fly with twins, so that is why we opted to travel home this summer.

With that in mind, I am prepared for the worst. However, I keep telling myself this time will be different. I am not going to stress, I am going to drink tons of water, and I am going to focus on relaxing. That will work, right?

Hopefully, Hurricane Irene will avoid the beach house, and we can relax by the ocean next week. I can't wait for Eliza to be with more family. Bring on the vacation!


  1. Drive and fly safe! I would strongly suggest some kind of drowsy medicine for Eliza, since I know flying with an upset toddler on a long flight can be frustrating. :) Everything should be fine and better since there will be the two of you instead of just one. If you don't want to drug her (;)) I would say get a bunch of Dollar store toys to take with you that she can play with. They are cheap and pretty good distractions.


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