Tuesday, August 9, 2011

19 Weeks

At 19 weeks pregnant, I have settled into a simple routine of doing as little as possible. Nathan plays with Eliza most of the day, and I tag along for the at-home activities. We were able to borrow a wheelchair, so I can now join the family on walks if I have the desire. Most of the time, I stay at home because pushing the wheelchair is hard work for Nathan.

I try to pass my time by reading or doing puzzles. Nathan and I completed this 1,000 piece puzzle in less than 24 hours this weekend.
Look at this face. Can't you just tell how exciting our lives are? :)
My energy levels are still ridiculously low. It's hard for me to even walk up the stairs, much less go anywhere willingly or unnecessarily. Nathan, Eliza, and I attempted an outing to watch the hydo races on the river last weekend. Unfortunately, by the time we walked the quarter of a mile to the site, I was exhausted and ready to go home. Nathan pushed the stroller, carried all the bags, and I even stopped to rest, but none of it helped.

We watched a couple of races before leaving, and I was impressed! I had never seen a boat race before, so it was pretty amazing. However, the excursion completely wiped me out for the day, and I won't be looking for adventures anytime soon.

Even though I don't feel much bigger than I was last week, Nathan says he can see a huge difference.
Yeah. I don't see it. Please note that I am no longer forced to wear the same dress for every occasion. I received the maternity clothes I ordered from Old Navy...and I LOVE THEM. I highly recommend you pregnant ladies check out their selection.


  1. you look stunningly happy in that blue shirt. So beautiful

  2. You're HOTT. That's all I really have to add. :)


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