Monday, August 30, 2010

It Feels Like Christmas!

I am now the owner of this beautiful item:
I love it. I didn't think spending 75 dollars could make me feel so happy.

As I rode around the neighborhood yesterday, I felt like I was ten years old again; I haven't had a bike since then. My first and only bike until now was hot pink with tassles and a white basket. Even more awesome was its radio and tape player, which constantly played my Jars of Clay and Celion Dion tapes.

Life is good. I love Nathan so much for thinking I "needed" this bike. I think bike rides are good for the soul.

Also, my automatic posts were not working. That is the reason why five of my posts have gone up today. Apparently, I am not as technologically savvy as I thought I was.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farewell, Fellow Robbins!

Tod and Pamela Robbins, two of our closest friends, moved to Seattle this month. Although they are not technically related to us, they feel like family.
Before they left town, we had the chance to meet for ice cream and see their tiny new baby. 
Clara is perfection.
It's strange how holding a newborn baby makes you feel. I've forgotten what it was like to be around a baby so small and fragile. Eliza is much more durable these days. No longer is she a premature baby, unable to fit even into premie clothing; She is active and rowdy. And compared to Clara, she looks like a giant.
Kudos to all of those mothers who juggle toddlers and newborns. I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to join your ranks.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Eliza's Blanket

Eliza has become attached to her soft, green baby blanket.

I think there is nothing more adorable than her crawling around holding her blankie in one hand. She loves to burrow her face into its softness...
 and even attempts to eat it sometimes.
Ahh...the delicious taste of cotton.

Welcome Back!

Caitlin, Tim, and Baby are back from Egpyt! To celebrate their return and Tim's birthday, a friendly gathering was held at their home. Eliza was reunited with her birthday buddy and the two seemed to enjoy playing...
and fighting over toys and bottles.
He is adorable...
and has mastered the art of smiling for the camera.
It must have been all the Egpytian paparazzi.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Just So Sad

After being sick for nearly two weeks, this is the face of defeat:
I hope I never have to see this sad little face ever again.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh What A Morning

Reading. I couldn't stop myself from finishing every word of Harper Collins' book Mockingjay before falling asleep last night.

As many of you know, Mockingjay is the third book in the Hunger Games series. For the first time in ages, I felt excited about reading an amazing novel. I bought the book as soon as I had the chance and of course bumped into Becca, a fellow Hunger Games fan, at Costco.
(Becca is 8.5 months pregnant and looks this awesome. This photo was also unexpected)

Last summer, the second book, Catching Fire, was released days before I gave birth to Eliza. Becca and I bought our copies together, and I managed to finish the book the day before Eliza was born. I was having mild contractions at that point, but couldn't care less because the book was so incredibly exciting. Nathan could not understand it.

Nathan also could not understand why I was still reading at 2 o'clock this morning. At 2:44 AM, I finished the last page.  Overall, it was a great ending, but parts of me were somewhat disappointed; I always feel sad when a good book is over. I was also sad because I knew I had to be at work four hours later.

And then only a few short hours later, I heard a lot popping noise and other distant sounds outside the open window. Of course, I ignored it. And then, the constant hum of the oscillating fan in our room stopped. It was time for me to get up for work, so I decided to investigate. I reached for the light and realized our house had lost power. Unsure if it was just our house or the entire neighborhood, I woke up Nathan, asking: "Did you pay our power bill?"

He was only slightly annoyed as he said: "Of course I did." I took a shower in the dark and tried to get ready for work. Nathan called the power company and as it turns out, the loud noise I heard was a semi-truck taking down seven power lines and flipping over only a block away.
So, that is the long explanation as to why I came to work today completely exhausted, with soaking wet hair, and a hair dryer.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're All Sick

Sick. Sick. Sick.

For over a week, I have been in a constant state of nausea. Then, on Saturday, this feeling of sickness crescendoed into vomiting. JOY.

On Sunday, I stayed in bed all day long. I haven't had a day like that since I was pregnant. Nathan was a gem and took care of Eliza, brought me water, and tried to cheer me up. However, I found myself unable to go to work on Tuesday. Yesterday, I felt I had somewhat conquered this phantom sickness.

Then, Nathan called from work.

He was throwing up. I came home and felt instantly sick again. Nathan and I miseraby sat on the couch, too dazed to move and watched Eliza crawl around. Mercifully, she was calm and easy to entertain for some reason. I put her to bed. A few minutes later, she was screaming. I walked into her nursery. She had thrown up everywhere.

I am now waiting for her sheets to finish drying for the second time in two days (she threw up again today). I can now tuck "Dealing with Vomiting Baby" under my mothering belt. Pedialyte? Check. Monitoring fluid intake? Check. Multiple baths and clothes changes? Check.

On a positive side, it is cold outside and smells delightfully fresh. My front door and windows are open; At least things smell nice inside my house.

Friday, August 6, 2010

One More Month Until She's ONE

"She's a little person."

Those were Nathan's words this week. So true.

So much has happened in this last month. Two days before the 11 month marker, Eliza took two steps by herself. I couldn't believe it. I definitely had mixed emotions about the event. Of course, I want Eliza to walk. However, I realize walking means she can reach more things and get into even more trouble (if that's possible). It also means she is no longer a tiny baby. I'm trying to be more excited for her to grow up than sad about the loss of baby-hood. It's hard.

She continues to say "dada." It has become a chant of sorts and is repeatedly constantly throughout the day.  As she falls to sleep at night, Nathan and I will often hear her quietly singing: "dada,dada,dada." I know she still loves me. Other words will come, including "mama."

One of the most endearing characteristics Eliza has developed is her need to be held be either Nathan or me. As soon as we walk near her, she will stop crawling or playing and instantly reaches both arms up to us, as if to say: "Hold me." I fall for it everytime. How could I pass that up?

Although Eliza continues to love her goat's milk, she is beginning to give up on baby food. This past week, she suddenly decided she wanted more milk, less food. She downright refuses the bananas she once loved and slaps the spoon away from her face, before trying any of the delicious foods (some of it is amazingly tasty....and it's not gross because it's just pureed fruits!). For years, I heard how I would have a picky eater because I was the worst baby ever when it came to eating. My parents would have to force me to eat so I wouldn't starve. Eventually, I discovered I loved French fries when my grandmother gave me one to "taste." Apparently, I would hold out for hours, refusing to eat, hoping they would give me delicious French fries. Let's just say, I ate French fries OFTEN. Well, Eliza will not be getting fried foods, but she can expect other good things. It's more difficult than I thought to come up with a baby food menu that isn't really mush or pureed.

Above all,  Eliza remains curious.

I can't believe her first birthday is only a month away. She's no longer that tiny, premature baby. She is now a huge, chunkster on my hip. I wouldn't have her any other way.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Call to Poison Control?...Check

While packing for our family renunion, I let Eliza sit near the clothes and suitcases so I could watch her better. She seemed entertained by the buttons on my shirt and the zipper on my messenger bag, and I felt somewhat relieved to have her mildly distracted so I could get some chores done.  As I went to zip up one of the packed suitcases, I watched Eliza shake a large white pill out of the side pocket of the messenger bag. I instantly fell to my knees to grab the pill, but Eliza's nimble fingers were faster than mine. The pill was in her mouth within a matter of two or three seconds. Remembering Safe Sitter instructions, I squeezed the sides of her chubby cheeks, hoping the pill would fall out. To my alarm, the pill was so large it couldn't be squeezed out; It was taking up the entire breadth of her mouth. Instinctively, I put my finger into her mouth, hoping to extract the pill....

And inadvertantly pushed the medicine to the back of her mouth. She began choking. I began freaking out. She couldn't swallow it because it was too big. She couldn't cough it up because it was too big. I tried the baby heimlech and nothing. Then, somehow, she swallowed the pill.

While the choking crisis was averted, the poison crisis had just begun.

My mind was racing: "What pill? What pill?" I knew the messenger bag was one I used when pregnant. I then thought and realized I was on a plethora of medication throughout pregnancy.However, the size of the pill led me to think: prenatal vitamins. I dug throughout the bag and found one other pill similar to the one I saw. A number was etched onto the side of the pill. I googled. It was a prescription strength prenatal vitamin, which is much stronger than any generic brand. After speaking with the pediatrician's office (who had no advice other than to "watch her"), I called my neighbor, who has two children under the age of two.

She immediately said: "Call Poison Control. Their number is 800-222-1222." The way she knew the number made me feel less guilty. So, other mothers have had to call this place. I'm not the only one who has let their child eat something hazardous.

I called Poison Control. I told them the pill's number and my findings from Google. After several expected questions, the woman on the other end of the phone asked: "Do you have other drugs laying around your house?"

I wanted to sarcastically say: "Yes. Yes, I do. TONS." Instead, I said no and profusely apologized, telling the woman I didn't leave my child alone and that I had seen her swallow the pill and tried to stop her. Halfway through my story, I realized I sounded ridiculous and needed to stop talking.

Eliza ended up being fine. She just couldn't sleep for 5 hours and had to drink lots of water. She's had more than enough vitamins for this month. I hope I never have to call Poison Control ever again.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Robbins Reunion!

Unlike me, Nathan has a large family. Once a year, all six Robbins boys go home to Othello, Washington for the annual family reunion. Miraculously, Cheryl and Rex (Nathan's parents) have room for all six brothers, five sisters-in-law, and ten grandchildren.  With 23 people in one house, things can be pretty interesting.
Highlights of the trip included:

  • Swimming at the lake with the kids. 

  • Watching Eliza play dress-up with her great-grandmother's hat:  

  • The Robbins Talent Show: 
And being with family (which is the entire purpose of the reunion, right?):

It was hard to come back to Provo after the trip to Othello. I realize more and more how homesick I am. I miss my family, the one in South Carolina and the one in Washington. I want Eliza to know her grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Although I enjoy our life in Utah, I certainly am ready to be closer to those we love so much.

p.s. Jenny- you did a great job planning everything. I am nervous about being "in charge" for next year. Eek!