Monday, August 30, 2010

It Feels Like Christmas!

I am now the owner of this beautiful item:
I love it. I didn't think spending 75 dollars could make me feel so happy.

As I rode around the neighborhood yesterday, I felt like I was ten years old again; I haven't had a bike since then. My first and only bike until now was hot pink with tassles and a white basket. Even more awesome was its radio and tape player, which constantly played my Jars of Clay and Celion Dion tapes.

Life is good. I love Nathan so much for thinking I "needed" this bike. I think bike rides are good for the soul.

Also, my automatic posts were not working. That is the reason why five of my posts have gone up today. Apparently, I am not as technologically savvy as I thought I was.


  1. Wow, $75?? Where did you get it? We are in need of bikes over here.

  2. Walmart!! It is a Huffy Cruiser. They were reduced in price this weekend. Worth EVERY penny.

  3. Totally getting one. Also, I just got your comment..I need your email address to invite you to the baby blog!


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