Friday, August 6, 2010

One More Month Until She's ONE

"She's a little person."

Those were Nathan's words this week. So true.

So much has happened in this last month. Two days before the 11 month marker, Eliza took two steps by herself. I couldn't believe it. I definitely had mixed emotions about the event. Of course, I want Eliza to walk. However, I realize walking means she can reach more things and get into even more trouble (if that's possible). It also means she is no longer a tiny baby. I'm trying to be more excited for her to grow up than sad about the loss of baby-hood. It's hard.

She continues to say "dada." It has become a chant of sorts and is repeatedly constantly throughout the day.  As she falls to sleep at night, Nathan and I will often hear her quietly singing: "dada,dada,dada." I know she still loves me. Other words will come, including "mama."

One of the most endearing characteristics Eliza has developed is her need to be held be either Nathan or me. As soon as we walk near her, she will stop crawling or playing and instantly reaches both arms up to us, as if to say: "Hold me." I fall for it everytime. How could I pass that up?

Although Eliza continues to love her goat's milk, she is beginning to give up on baby food. This past week, she suddenly decided she wanted more milk, less food. She downright refuses the bananas she once loved and slaps the spoon away from her face, before trying any of the delicious foods (some of it is amazingly tasty....and it's not gross because it's just pureed fruits!). For years, I heard how I would have a picky eater because I was the worst baby ever when it came to eating. My parents would have to force me to eat so I wouldn't starve. Eventually, I discovered I loved French fries when my grandmother gave me one to "taste." Apparently, I would hold out for hours, refusing to eat, hoping they would give me delicious French fries. Let's just say, I ate French fries OFTEN. Well, Eliza will not be getting fried foods, but she can expect other good things. It's more difficult than I thought to come up with a baby food menu that isn't really mush or pureed.

Above all,  Eliza remains curious.

I can't believe her first birthday is only a month away. She's no longer that tiny, premature baby. She is now a huge, chunkster on my hip. I wouldn't have her any other way.


  1. She is a little chunkster! I love her all the more for it. What a beautiful little girl she is. I can't believe she's almost one! It cannot be so.

    Haha. When I read that Nathan called her a little person I thought, "Aww, Nathan can now love her." Haha. Something about these boys and only liking toddlers is weird.

  2. Your little family is SO cute!! She really is looking like a big kid now. I can't believe it! I know exactly what you mean about the happy/sad feeling about babies growing up. It's tough sometimes. Hopefully she starts eating food again soon!! :)

  3. It's always so sad when they become people instead of babies. Sigh.

  4. She is huge. Megan was like that, too. Sometimes preemies overcompensate, I think.


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