Friday, February 28, 2014

When Mom Is Sick

I haven't felt the greatest this week, and today, I finally gave in to the sickness for a couple of hours and attempted to lay down on the couch while the children watched a movie. Ezra and Elliott refused to leave me alone, though, and how could I say no to two cute boys who wanted to cuddle their mom? I didn't get to relax very much, but I sure did feel loved.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eliza Update

Eliza is my little helper. She has been helping since the twins were babies, and she continues to help me with small chores on a daily basis. She happily runs to get me diapers and wipes, plays with Ezra and Elliott and keeps them happy while I clean or cook dinner, and helps me pick up toys at the end of every day. She loves one on one attention, which can sometimes be tricky with two younger siblings. I'm trying to make sure she gets the individual time she so desperately wants each day. We usually end up playing a game, coloring a picture, or simply reading a book together before she falls asleep. Nathan and I both know it's incredibly important to her.

Some of her favorite things from the last few days include: Playing with Ruby and baby Jane,
coloring outside with friends,

swim classes,  
and falling asleep with all of her books.
She's also still taking dance classes and is currently excited about her next recital in May. She keeps talking about it, even though it is months away! I love her enthusiasm about everything and her determination to enjoy each day to the fullest. This girl is happiest when she is constantly busy, so she definitely keeps me moving :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nap Time is Over

Since we transitioned the boys from cribs to toddler beds, there have been no naps in our household. I'm going a little crazy over here. Those two hours were precious and allowed me to get basic chores done and sometimes just sit without feeling like I am being pulled in a million different directions. It was also the one time of the day that I feel like I can interact with Eliza on an individual level and give her the direct attention she needs.

I've tried and tried to get them to stay in their room, but they cannot be contained. They scream, run around, pull their drawers out of the dresser, and jump on each other constantly. So yes, nap time is not going to happen. Nathan and I have separated the cribs and plan on getting real toddler beds that might get the boys excited about sleeping. I'm crossing my fingers that we can find a solution that works!

The night time routine has also changed. The boys can't sleep with their beds pushed together because they are just too crazy, but they really want to sleep together. Sadly, there isn't enough room for two boys on one toddler bed. The beds are separate again, and I know I am going to miss the pictures like this:

Nathan and I keep telling each other that it will get better. Ezra and Elliott use to run to their cribs at night and essentially put themselves to bed. They slept through the night, they never cried, and they enjoyed their naptime. Now that they have tasted the freedom of being out of their beds, I know our lives are going to be very different. Maybe they'll start napping again? Maybe bedtime won't be so crazy?

I can hope!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Perfect Day

Some days, I am out playing with the kids and suddenly realize that Utah is beautiful and that we are lucky to live here. Today was definitely one of those days. The kids were kicking a ball in wide open field, the sun was shining, and the mountains looked beautiful. 
I miss South Carolina often, but I really do love living here. 

One Enormous Crib

When we pushed the two converted toddler beds together, we ended up with one giant crib. Ezra and Elliott have loved it the past couple of nights, but I am not sure it is going to work.

They are staying up later, giggling one moment and then screaming the next, and refusing to take naps. Nathan and I have had to go into their room and separate them countless times because one of the boys has tackled the other or has stolen a blanket. I think it's adorable that they want to sleep beside one another, but logistically speaking, it isn't working.

We'll give it a few more days before we give up the idea entirely, but, in the meantime, I really miss naps. I wonder if they will ever nap again!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Favorites

I love these two people (and these pictures) so much that I can hardly stand it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cosleeping Woes

For the past few night, Ezra and Elliott have snuggled together on the same bed. Last night, snuggling apparently didn't go too well.
 Sleeping on the carpet probably wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but it sure did give Elliott some crazy carpet-hair in the morning!
Nathan has decided that we should maybe push the two beds together and create a giant bed for the babies to share. We'll see how this idea goes.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Field Trip to Krispy Kreme

I've been trying to do better lately about taking the children out to do fun things during the day. Usually, I feel too overwhelmed by the craziness of having two active two-year-olds to go many places besides the library or the park. Even then, things can be tricky! This morning, Eliza mentioned she would like a doughnut, so I decided to be brave and get out of the house.

Ezra, Eliza, and Elliott were great at Krispy Kreme! They loved watching the process of the doughnuts being cooked and then covered in glaze. They stood looking through this window for a good ten minutes until I finally coaxed them into sitting down with some tasty treats.

Things went so well at Krispy Kreme that I decided to take the kids to Old Navy afterwards. However, I learned that going there might have been pushing things a little because Old Navy definitely isn't as fun and exciting as Krispy Kreme. Let's just say that I'm grateful for the lady who gave us balloons....and that I will probably stick to going shopping at clothing stores alone.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crib Transition

It finally happened: Nathan converted the boys' cribs into toddler beds. I don't know if I am ready for this change, but they certainly can escape from the cribs and that makes me nervous. I know this is the safe option and that it's time for them to transition from a crib to a bed, but I am so worry they will never sleep again. And if they don't sleep, Nathan and I don't sleep!

We had to put them back in bed several times tonight, but eventually, things were quiet in their room. When I went in to check on them, I found them like this:

On their first day of crib independence, they decided to sleep together. They might fight during the day, but these boys definitely love each other.

I'll Love You Forever

Hey Eliza, please never ask me to read this as a bedtime story ever again. You know I can never finish it because I am always crying too much.

(Also, never read the back story surrounding this book. It's TOO sad.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Letter Obsession

For the past few months, the children and I have walked to the local elementary school and enjoyed the nice playground there in the afternoons. Each time that we go, we walk past a Very Hungry Caterpillar with all of the letters of the alphabet displayed. Ezra and Elliott are obsessed with these letters and insist on stopping every time and reviewing each letter.
They are pretty clever little dudes!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Galentine's Day

This morning, Kimberly hosted the second annual Galentine's Day celebration at Guru's. Galentine's Day is essentially a day to celebrate our friendship and the love we have for one another. Last year, Kimberly spoiled all of us with thoughtful gifts. This year was no exception!
Kimberly is such an incredibly thoughtful friend. She painstakingly cross-stitched an individualized saying for each lady at the party. She introduced me to the movie Pitch Perfect, so she knew I thought the following line from the movie was hysterical:
She also commissioned a piece of artwork to be made for each of us, gave everyone a beautiful mint colored watch, and made chocolate covered strawberries for everyone.
Galentine's Day was just another reminder that I have been blessed with amazing friends. I couldn't have asked for more thoughtful gifts than the ones I received. I certainly felt loved!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

We had our last Valentine's Day party this morning with Landon, Lucy, and Ruby. The kids decorated foam cards for their dads, which was pretty exciting for them.

 Eliza couldn't wait to give Nathan his card. He, of course, loved it and gave her a rose for Valentine's Day. We discovered that Eliza really loves flowers. She couldn't have been happier about getting a flower from her dad.

 Nathan also got me a dozen roses and a box full of turtle chocolates (my absolute favorite). I know that chocolate and flowers can seem cliche to some, but I love them. I forgot how much I loved flowers until today. I definitely felt loved!
 Nathan really outdid himself, though, when he gave me this beautiful necklace:
Yes. It's a tiny little hobbit door LOCKET. He knows me so well! I gave him a card and a six pack of his favorite soda. Obviously, I'm not as good at gift giving. I really need to step it up next year!
 Nathan and I have changed a lot since 2008, but it's all been for the best. We're pretty lucky to share a life together and have three beautiful kids.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Party with the Larsons

My friend Katy is incredibly creative, so when she invited Eliza and the twins over for a Valentine's Day party, I knew we were all in for a treat. She did not disappoint! From heart shaped sandwiches to flower lollipops and delicious red velvet/cream cheese apple spread, the party was a success.

 The white chocolate covered Chex cereal was probably my favorite thing. We had such a good time and we still have another party tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Preschool Party

I love being able to volunteer to help with parties at Eliza's preschool. Growing up, my mom worked full time and was never able to be the class mom, attend field trips, or come to any parties. I was always so jealous of those boys and girls who had parents that came to various functions. Fortunately for us, Nathan attends evening classes and is able to work from home. This means I am able to leave the twins with him some days and that I can be involved with Eliza's preschool.

When I got to the party today, Eliza was so happy to see me! It definitely made me feel loved to hear her proudly introducing me as her mom. As always, the party was great! Miss Kristie really knows how to throw a party for preschoolers. The kids loved playing bingo, throwing bean bags, pinning the arrow onto the heart, and singing songs.

Eliza was excited to hand out her Frozen invitations and couldn't wait to get home so she could go through all of her Valentines.
She also requested that some pictures be taken of her wearing her "heart dress" and star glasses. I love her poses!

 We have TWO more Valentine's Day parties this week! Eliza and I can't wait!