Thursday, February 20, 2014

Field Trip to Krispy Kreme

I've been trying to do better lately about taking the children out to do fun things during the day. Usually, I feel too overwhelmed by the craziness of having two active two-year-olds to go many places besides the library or the park. Even then, things can be tricky! This morning, Eliza mentioned she would like a doughnut, so I decided to be brave and get out of the house.

Ezra, Eliza, and Elliott were great at Krispy Kreme! They loved watching the process of the doughnuts being cooked and then covered in glaze. They stood looking through this window for a good ten minutes until I finally coaxed them into sitting down with some tasty treats.

Things went so well at Krispy Kreme that I decided to take the kids to Old Navy afterwards. However, I learned that going there might have been pushing things a little because Old Navy definitely isn't as fun and exciting as Krispy Kreme. Let's just say that I'm grateful for the lady who gave us balloons....and that I will probably stick to going shopping at clothing stores alone.

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