Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nap Time is Over

Since we transitioned the boys from cribs to toddler beds, there have been no naps in our household. I'm going a little crazy over here. Those two hours were precious and allowed me to get basic chores done and sometimes just sit without feeling like I am being pulled in a million different directions. It was also the one time of the day that I feel like I can interact with Eliza on an individual level and give her the direct attention she needs.

I've tried and tried to get them to stay in their room, but they cannot be contained. They scream, run around, pull their drawers out of the dresser, and jump on each other constantly. So yes, nap time is not going to happen. Nathan and I have separated the cribs and plan on getting real toddler beds that might get the boys excited about sleeping. I'm crossing my fingers that we can find a solution that works!

The night time routine has also changed. The boys can't sleep with their beds pushed together because they are just too crazy, but they really want to sleep together. Sadly, there isn't enough room for two boys on one toddler bed. The beds are separate again, and I know I am going to miss the pictures like this:

Nathan and I keep telling each other that it will get better. Ezra and Elliott use to run to their cribs at night and essentially put themselves to bed. They slept through the night, they never cried, and they enjoyed their naptime. Now that they have tasted the freedom of being out of their beds, I know our lives are going to be very different. Maybe they'll start napping again? Maybe bedtime won't be so crazy?

I can hope!

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