Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eliza Update

Eliza is my little helper. She has been helping since the twins were babies, and she continues to help me with small chores on a daily basis. She happily runs to get me diapers and wipes, plays with Ezra and Elliott and keeps them happy while I clean or cook dinner, and helps me pick up toys at the end of every day. She loves one on one attention, which can sometimes be tricky with two younger siblings. I'm trying to make sure she gets the individual time she so desperately wants each day. We usually end up playing a game, coloring a picture, or simply reading a book together before she falls asleep. Nathan and I both know it's incredibly important to her.

Some of her favorite things from the last few days include: Playing with Ruby and baby Jane,
coloring outside with friends,

swim classes,  
and falling asleep with all of her books.
She's also still taking dance classes and is currently excited about her next recital in May. She keeps talking about it, even though it is months away! I love her enthusiasm about everything and her determination to enjoy each day to the fullest. This girl is happiest when she is constantly busy, so she definitely keeps me moving :)

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