Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Preschool Party

I love being able to volunteer to help with parties at Eliza's preschool. Growing up, my mom worked full time and was never able to be the class mom, attend field trips, or come to any parties. I was always so jealous of those boys and girls who had parents that came to various functions. Fortunately for us, Nathan attends evening classes and is able to work from home. This means I am able to leave the twins with him some days and that I can be involved with Eliza's preschool.

When I got to the party today, Eliza was so happy to see me! It definitely made me feel loved to hear her proudly introducing me as her mom. As always, the party was great! Miss Kristie really knows how to throw a party for preschoolers. The kids loved playing bingo, throwing bean bags, pinning the arrow onto the heart, and singing songs.

Eliza was excited to hand out her Frozen invitations and couldn't wait to get home so she could go through all of her Valentines.
She also requested that some pictures be taken of her wearing her "heart dress" and star glasses. I love her poses!

 We have TWO more Valentine's Day parties this week! Eliza and I can't wait!

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