Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

We had our last Valentine's Day party this morning with Landon, Lucy, and Ruby. The kids decorated foam cards for their dads, which was pretty exciting for them.

 Eliza couldn't wait to give Nathan his card. He, of course, loved it and gave her a rose for Valentine's Day. We discovered that Eliza really loves flowers. She couldn't have been happier about getting a flower from her dad.

 Nathan also got me a dozen roses and a box full of turtle chocolates (my absolute favorite). I know that chocolate and flowers can seem cliche to some, but I love them. I forgot how much I loved flowers until today. I definitely felt loved!
 Nathan really outdid himself, though, when he gave me this beautiful necklace:
Yes. It's a tiny little hobbit door LOCKET. He knows me so well! I gave him a card and a six pack of his favorite soda. Obviously, I'm not as good at gift giving. I really need to step it up next year!
 Nathan and I have changed a lot since 2008, but it's all been for the best. We're pretty lucky to share a life together and have three beautiful kids.

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