Tuesday, August 9, 2011

23 Months

I can't believe Eliza will be two years old in less than a month. She has changed so much over this summer, but definitely remains daddy's little girl. Her first words in the morning and after any nap are always "Daddy!" (or "Daddy?" if someone else comes in the room first). They are so cute together.

Eliza continues to enjoy her hour long morning and afternoon walks in addition to swimming and jumping on the trampoline. She can say so many words now and has become rather demanding. If she wants milk rather than juice, she will let you know. She loves asking for cookies and smoothies and loves practicing various facial expressions.
She has done the most amusing things this week. She loves to pray and will demand random prayers throughout the day. Yesterday, as Nathan and I were walking up the basement stairs with her, she said, "Pray!" and folded her arms. Nathan and I folded our arms as well, and Nathan said a quick prayer. We then turned and walked another step before she said "Pray!" again. This time, she looked at me, and I said a prayer. We then walked another step and she asked for yet another prayer. This time, Grandma, who was still sitting in the basement, was asked to say the prayer. Eliza yelled, "Ma! Pray!" Finally, once we all said a prayer, she seemed satisfied.

Another amusing Eliza-ism concerns hot dogs. She is an incredibly picky eater and has refused hot dogs anytime she has been offered them. Then, last night, Nathan and I were out when my mother-in-law, Cheryl, texted: "Did you know Eliza loves hot dogs?" I let her know Eliza had never been willing to try one before. Her response: "Well, she just ate three! And she wanted more!" Crazy girl!

Eliza is talking up a storm these days. Because Nathan speaks to Eliza in Portuguese, Cheryl and I often feel as though we need an interpreter. She blends Portuguese and English phrases together, which often creates confusion (for me). Thankfully, Nathan understands all.

I love watching Eliza communicate. I am constantly amazed every time she uses a new word. I can't believe how quick she is learning these days. We love how she understands humor (to a certain extent) and plays around with us. After long walks, she'll stop and pant her breath as if she had been sprinting for half a mile. It is so cute, and we have no idea where she learned that trick!

Currently, we are trying to teach Eliza how to be nice to babies. She was given a doll, which she promptly threw on the ground with disinterest. However, after a few days, it seems like she is warming up to her "baby." We're convinced she'll make an excellent big sister :)
Oh, and did I mention Eliza LOVES slides? Because she does...


  1. She is so cute!!! Love the bum crack. You are looking great!! She's such a big kid now.

  2. I love the picture of you two together. My fave. Oh and the bum crack must be shown to all future boyfriends.


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