Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby's Day Out

Yesterday, my mother-in-law and Nathan gathered enough courage and energy to take three children and a wheelchair-bound pregnant lady to the fair. Our niece and nephew, Ellie and Hayden, are visiting for the week, and we thought the fair sounded like a perfect outing for the kids. There isn't much to do in Othello, so we were all excited about the petting zoo, rides, and, of course, the food!

First, we went to the livestock area and saw all of the animals. Eliza was fascinated by the cows,

 but refused to touch them.
She also refused to go near the pigs...
or have her picture taken with the sheep.
She was willing to look at the chickens, though, with Grandma (isn't my mother-in-law cute?).
After the petting zoo adventure, we were worn out! It was hot, the kids were tired and thirsty, and we all needed a break (after 45 minutes). Hayden sat in my wheelchair, while I stretched, and the girls munched on some snacks.

Before we went any further, I insisted upon buying an elephant ear! It's not every day that one has the chance to indulge in fair food, so I definitely took full advantage of the opportunity. Five dollars later (ridiculous, but totally worth it), I was the happy owner of a sugary treat.
Unfortunately, after a couple of bites, I knew the elephant ear wasn't good for me (too much gluten). Thankfully, Eliza and Nathan were around to finish it off. At first, Eliza wasn't too sure about the "cake" (as she called it).

However, she went back for seconds.

And then thirds before we decided she had eaten enough.

The best part of the day (for the kids, at least) was the car ride.

Although the day was an overall success, Nathan and I decided we won't be going back to the fair until our kids are old enough to enjoy a full day of fun. Ellie and Hayden let us know they had a better time at the McDonald's Play Place later on that day.

Figures :)


  1. I love that you went to check out the animals. My fair never had rides, just animals. In conclusion, it makes me happy that people attending ride ridden fairs go see the animals too.

  2. Oh the Grant Co. Fair. (Sigh) I'm afraid it lost it's luster for me a looooooong time ago. I do like going to see the animals and the food. (Remember those Chocolate Covered Strawberry Kabobs I facebooked about? YUM!)


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