Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Lights at Temple Square

Tonight, we bundled the children up and drove to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. Every year, the temple and the surrounding grounds are covered in thousands of lights. I've lived in Utah for 7 winters now, and I have never seen the lights at the Temple, so we decided to take advantage of how close we live and take our family to see them. Nathan and I thought it would be a great family activity, but we didn't plan on it being so cold!

It was freezing. Well, it was below freezing. While we were walking around the Temple grounds, it was 19 degrees outside. The high for the day was 26 degrees! Our entire family was mesmerized by the lights, but also incredibly cold and miserable. I kept joking that the kids would enjoy seeing the lights if their eyes weren't frozen.

We pushed our double stroller through a sea of people, saw some of the lights, and then went into the Visitor's Center to warm up for a little while.The cold was physically painful, and we were worried about the kids being outside for too long.
We eventually warmed up and hurried through looking at the rest of the lights before heading to our car. Eliza loved them, and I'm sure the twins would tell us they loved all of the bright lights if they could talk in sentences :)

We'll definitely come back next year, but it will most certainly be on an evening where it is warmer than 19 degrees. It was just too cold to fully the enjoy the beauty of the lights. That being said, I'm still glad we went.

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