Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

The elves were very sleepy today.

Eliza's Barbie Dream House ended up being a nightmare to assemble. The instructions were practically useless and there were so many stickers that had to be delicately placed and pieces that had to be forcefully snapped together. And, when we got to the end of construction, Nathan and I realized the elevator was broken. So, we know we are going to have to exchange this Dream House and build another one (the joy!). I watched all of Return of the King while assembling this thing,
Nathan had to help when I got really frustrated at certain points. He was just as confused as I was. 
 We finally finished it, though, and Nathan then moved on to the boys' work bench. That was also pretty fun to assemble! Can't you tell?

Around 3 AM, we finally went to bed. All we could think was, "There were way too many toys sitting out in our living room for our children." Our families are both enjoy giving gifts (obviously). Not too many presents were from Santa!
I woke up around 8 AM, and the kids were all still asleep. I didn't want to risk them waking up and seeing the toys without me there, so I excitedly woke them all up. Eliza's face when she saw the Barbie Dream House was priceless.

Ezra and Elliott headed straight for the slide and then proceeded to ignore the rest of their Christmas presents. Typical two year old behavior :)

Eliza enjoyed trying on her new costumes and playing her new Ariel guitar.

 She couldn't wait for Ruby to come over!
Nathan opened up his music and electronic gifts (keyboard that works with his iPad, microphone stand, cello rosin and bow, and a recording device), and I was the happiest girl in the world with the thoughtful gifts from Nathan and my family. Nathan managed to get me everything I wanted (and more). I especially love the shoulder bag he had made for me!
Christmas was definitely a success!

(I feel like I need to sleep for a week in order to recover, though.)

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