Monday, December 16, 2013

Eliza's First Recital!

Eliza and Ruby had their first dance performance tonight. I have to admit that getting a little girl dressed for a recital (and then doing a costume change after her first performance) is quite stressful. I somehow managed to get Eliza's hair into a bun, and she was great about not touching it or wanting to take it down. Thankfully, Becca was around to help me out with Eliza's make-up.
Once they were all ready (with their hair, make-up, and costumes on), I could tell they felt so special. They couldn't stop smiling!

I know I may be a little biased, but our girls really were the stars of the show. They remembered all of the dance moves, which earned them a spot in the center of the stage. All of the other little girls looked at them for guidance during the recital, and I could tell they felt confident and happy up on stage. 

 Eliza also did a great job during her second performance, but I could tell she had more fun dancing with Ruby. The recital started pretty late at night and went on for a while, so we kept the boys entertained with copious amounts of snacks. Elliott enjoyed picking all of the M&M's out of the trail mix, while Ezra sifted through the Lucky Charms for marshmallows. Those are my boys!

By the time we left, these two little guys were begging for bed. Nathan took them home, and Becca and I rode with Kelsie to get some ice cream for the little ballerinas. Kelsie totally made Eliza and Ruby's night by showing up with a bouquet of flowers for each of them. It was incredibly thoughtful, and they loved their roses.

We survived the first of many recitals and (for the most part) had a great time. Fortunately, we have a few months until we have to do hair and make-up again :)

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