Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One More Sleep 'til Christmas

I have been wrapping presents for hours now, and I know I will be up for the rest of the night wrapping more gifts and assembling a Barbie Dream House and work bench. Being an elf is hard business. Eliza was so excited to go to sleep and cannot wait to see what Santa has brought her in the morning. Nathan and I have never done Christmas with just our family, so it is strange to be setting up all of the gifts, knowing our parents won't get to see how happy the children are in the morning. To be honest, Christmas without family is pretty depressing. We are both feeling homesick. If it wasn't so expensive to fly to South Carolina and so dangerous to drive to Washington in the winter, we would most certainly be with one of our families. Nathan and I are trying to focus on making Christmas traditions for our own family and ignore the feeling of emptiness that has been creeping up on us. 

Thankfully, Becca and Kyle are here for Christmas, too. We exchanged gifts with their family this afternoon, and it was so much fun to see Eliza and Ruby open a couple of presents. 

 We also continued the tradition from my family, where each child unwraps several gifts from grandparents and aunts and uncles before going to bed. I like this tradition because it makes Christmas morning a little less overwhelming.

 I even got to open a gift! I told Nathan that I had everything I wanted for Christmas already. I can't believe how happy a t-shirt made me.
Before bed, Eliza and I made some cookies for Santa and she sprinkled some reindeer food outside. She put on her pajamas, came into the living room, and then proudly said, "If Santa is anything like you, Mom, he's going to need a Coke!" Yes, she has probably seen mom drink way too many Cokes. I got the cosmic hint.

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