Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And Then We All Were Sick

This morning, Eliza and I went to swim class and left Nathan at home with two sick little boys. Ezra is mostly better, but Elliott is still lethargic and weak from his sickness. I wasn't feeling the greatest, but Eliza was desperate to get out of our house full of sick little ones. She had so much fun at her class, and I was hopeful that she had beat the odds and escaped the miserable fate of constantly throwing up.
 Just a few hours later, though, she began to feel sick. Unfortunately, I became sick, too. Why does this happen!?
 I sent Nathan this picture of the children and me, sitting on the couch and generally miserable. He fortunately was able to come early from school and save us.
Tonight, Tiana (our elf) left us a get well card and a bottle of Pepto Bismal. She even wore a mask, which made Eliza laugh. I'm praying we're all better before Nathan's birthday!

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