Monday, December 9, 2013

Sick Babies. Again.

I was hoping that the days of sickness we had in November would mean a sick-free December. Not so. After our church Christmas party on Saturday, we put the children to sleep and got into bed because we were exhausted after a long day and late night. Twenty minutes later, Ezra started crying. The boys always go straight to sleep, so we both knew that him crying meant something was wrong. Nathan walked into their bedroom and sure enough, Ezra was sick.

We managed to get him out of the room without waking up Elliott, and Nathan started a bath while I took the sheets off of the bed and put them in the washing machine. Ezra was so tired and so pathetically sick. He and Nathan sat on the couch together with the designated throw-up bowl, and he just looked so miserable. Sick children never cease to make me incredibly helpless and sad.

Nathan sent me to bed and was up most of the night with Ezra. The next morning, I was watching Eliza and Elliott (while Ezra and Nathan slept) and had a constant prayer in my heart that the rest of us would avoid being sick. A couple of hours later, I was in the kitchen making lunch when I heard Elliott throw-up. Poor guy! Apparently, you really do share everything when you're a twin.

I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of us don't get sick and that the boys begin to feel better soon. Stomach viruses are the worst, and our family has a history of no one escaping their wrath. Ahhh!

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