Friday, January 6, 2012

Suggestions, Please?

480 diapers. That's when we stopped counting.

In a little over a month, Ezra and Elliott have gone through over 500 diapers. With Eliza still in diapers as well, Nathan and I find them to be one of our biggest monthly expenses.  After doing the math and calculating the future costs of keeping all three of our children in diapers, Nathan has decided it is time to do something drastic.

Cloth diapering.

I have been impressed by the dedication of many fellow mothers when it comes to cloth diapering, and I must admit I never saw myself joining their ranks.  It seemed so difficult, especially when Nathan and I were both working. I tried cloth on Eliza and quit after a day when she developed a pretty bad diaper rash. Recently though,  I have read multiple posts on the subject and have gained some confidence that it is possible to cloth diaper twins. However,  it always seems like each mom has different suggestions. Because of this, I would like firsthand advice on what cloth diapering system is the best. My biggest fear is spending money on cloth diapers and then failing to use them because they don't work for some reason. We don't really have the money (who does, really?) to try out several different types of cloth diapers, so it would be nice to start in the right direction.

Maybe it's asking a lot to find the ideal cloth diapering system in one try, but I think with your help, it's definitely a possibility!

Hopefully, I won't give up so easily this time. Nathan is determined to save our bank account and the environment, so I feel like between the two of us, we have a good chance of succeeding!

(Brittany- I have been reading your posts for the last hour or so!  What's the final recommendation on your end?)


  1. you are my hero for a multitude of reasons. YOu can do it!

  2. We have Econobums. They're the cheapest system I found and I ended up really liking them. It's cloth diapering at its most basic. I haven't tried any other kind though so I don't have any other suggestions. But if you're looking for dirt cheap, they're a good option!

    Also, install a diaper sprayer. The fact that we don't have one is a large part of the reason why I haven't been doing cloth diapering!

  3. Cloth diapers have been on my mind today!

    We primarily cloth diaper Simon (but still keep disposables on hand—traveling, changing out, etc.). I have been using these ( but they are kind of trashed now (from the wash I guess?). It's disappointing since I hoped they would've lasted longer without getting holes and such, but they still "work" for now.

    With a new baby on the way, I'm looking into and will probably purchase a supply of these ( They seem to combine a lot of the "best" features from different styles of cloth diapers.

    But seriously, cloth diapers. Do it.

    Oh, we have a diaper sprayer and sometimes it's nice, but once the poop is "harder," it kind of just rolls off the diaper anyway. The sprayer is a bit messy for me, and I usually try to avoid using it. Cloth diapering tends to make you pretty nonchalant about poop after awhile.

  4. Check out "Giggle Life" at or I think it is GL Diapers on facebook. I live in Canada, so I'm not sure about shipping to you (but I'm sure if you mentioned twins and ALL the diapers you're going through...) but these were the most affordable diapers I have found! They are amazing and I guess the whole point of the company is that they want to make cloth diapering affordable for everyone. My son is a HEAVY wetter and these are working perfect - you get two inserts for every diaper so I fold the second insert and put it in the front to allow for better absorption (mind you he's also 9 months old). I ended up going with their soft minky covers and bamboo (BAMBOO!) inserts and got a package of 24 diapers for about $200. I was floored at the quality considering how cheap the diapers are! They are gorgeous (I have blue, yellow, green and cream) and they are one size fits all, so Eliza could wear the same diapers as Ezra and Elliot! Sorry I just rambled on and on, but I never thought I'd try cloth and I found these and am IN LOVE with them! :)

  5. Jenny referred me over to this post. Cloth diapering feels so overwhelming when you are trying to figure it out! There are all of these terms (AIO, liner, disposable inserts, etc) and you just have no idea what to do with the poop!

    I have a few posts for you to read that might help :)

    I wrote this:

    But my friends wrote even better posts:

    We stopped doing cloth when we moved to Chicago and didn't have our own washer, but I plan to go back with our second baby when we move into our next place.

  6. Yes, it IS possible to cloth diaper twins! Honestly, I would suggest the Flip diapers/system. I absolutely love them and they're pretty reasonably priced. They're a basic cover that come with stay dry inserts. When the baby pees or poops, you usually just have to change the insert and not the actual cover. That's why a pack comes with two covers and six inserts. The diapers are 'one-size' so they fit from about 8-10lbs to potty training.

    Here are the Flips

    Another suggestion is Thirsties. How big are your boys? I have some newborn covers that are green/blue/orange I can send you. They're Thisrties Duo Wraps and they're a two size system. I have some bigger ones you can use too when you need them. I love these ones too. They've got leg gussets that hold in EVERYTHING. I usually use them with prefolds like this.

    My sister in law has my newborn (size 1 Thirsties) diaper covers, but she never used them and I need to get them back. I have 4 of them. Can I send them to you? Let me know your address and I'll get them to you asap!

    Seriously, you can do it. Even if it's just part time, you'll literally save thousands. THOUSANDS! If you have any questions, let me know because I love talking about diapers. It's a rather pathetic obsession I have, but at least it's useful I guess. :)

    Love you and seriously, let me know your address. :)

  7. Holy comments Batman! I was just going to say that if you get those thin Gerber ones from Target and give up... they're great for drying your hair! That's what my mom does and suggested it to me. I seriously wrap my hair up in a diaper and it wicks away the moisture. :)

  8. Amen to Brittany's post. I've used gDiapers, Fuzzibunz, bum genius, Mother-ease, and hands down my favorite are the Thirstie's Duos because of the leg gussets. Those diapers hold in more gunk from a newborn's blowout than any disposable ever will. They are awesome. If you use prefolds in them they are pretty cheap too.

    The best site I have found for really high quality prefolds is I made the mistake buying from somewhere else and they are not nearly as nice. Also, I suggest buying unbleached cotton, they'll last you longer as long as you don't bleach them ever (my mother-in-law bleached a few of my newborn ones and they are the only prefolds that are starting to rip--and they have been through two kids).

    Another suggestion is to find a local cloth diaper dealer and sometimes they have classes that will show you all the different kinds and then you can pick. Also, some people like having a bunch of different kinds. Me, if I don't like it, I sell it. (Another great thing is that you can sell used ones and get back at least 50% of what you paid. I've done it several times.)

    Especially if you're nursing, washing your own cloth diapers is super easy for newborns. No solids means no scraping needed. It's a really nice way to ease your way into it. After finger foods start you can scrap, spray, or use flushable liners to simplly peel and flush. When you mentioned that your oldest got a terrible diaper rash due to a cloth diaper, it's probably because of the detergent you use and/or not washing the detergent all the way out. Experiment with detergents (and only use that detergent in your machine because the residues from other loads can get onto the dipapers). Here's my favorite chart: It will tell you what is in the detergents and which ones typically work well with cloth diapers. Learn about "stripping" your diapers too if build up occurs. Know too that even if it works great for one kid, another may react. My oldest did fine with Ecos, but my second couldn't stand it. I use
    Charlie's now, but have heard Country Save is pretty good.

    I know it's a lot of information, but hang in there! You'll get it down and it will save you a ton in the long run! Especially if you use cloth wipes too.....but that's a conversation for another day. : )

  9. Okay i have not read other posts so if someone already said it sorry!

    I cloth Abby. BEST decision ever! I love the money we save, and its a lot easier then i thought it would be!

    Its hard to find a kind you like. I used they have a trial. You can grab a bunch see what you like best and send the ones you don't like back, and get pretty much a full refund. That's my kinda way! I am SO glad i did it because my friends fav grovia, and fuzzy buns i HATED!

    My favorite is Bum Genius Elements or their pockets bungenius 4.0. The AIO (all in one) is SUPER nice because you don't have to stuff. But honestly its not that hard.

    Kawaii bamboo is another favorite of mine. That is what i use.

    I still have yet to do the diaper sprayer, i use the liner for Abby. But she is a toddler so her poop is not runny like babies poop is.

    I like it it saves money, but I guess i only do it part time since she is at the sitters. But really its not that hard, washing them all the time was annoying at first but i am so used to it! I have even gotten okay with doing cloth while we are out on day trips and what not :)

  10. Have you made any decisions on diapers yet?! I'm cloth diapering my 8 week old twins and have been since a few days after we got hone from the hospital. We already had a year of CDing experience with our toddler before the twins got here, so I already had an idea of what I liked and what I didn't, but I definitely wish I knew about the cloth diaper trial options before I started. It's an easy way to try the diapers that interest you without sinking a whole bunch of money into a type you later realize you don't like.
    Another good option is to buy a few (say 6-3 for each baby) and use them every day for a week or two before you decide. That way you have an idea of what things you like about them and what you don't so you know which direction to head.
    Here is what I have in our stash for Charlotte & Corbin:
    A dozen small flats from green mountain diapers (my favorite!)
    A dozen prefolds
    10 covers (Econobum, Rumparooz, Kawaii)
    8 pockets (Kawaii, Bumgenius 4.0, Happy Heiny's, Rumparooz)
    We also have 24 medium gcloth (gdiaper inserts) that are hand me downs from our toddler that were going to be used in a couple medium gdiapers (that won't start fitting til 12 lbs) that I've been just laying in the covers to get us longer between washes.

    Good luck! I'm happy to hear about another twin mama that wants to cloth diaper!


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