Friday, January 27, 2012

After All of This Time?!

MAM pacifiers were the answer!

If you want to save yourself 24 dollars worth of unused pacifiers (we bought every kind that we could find), go ahead and go straight to MAM's. I know every baby is different, but Ezra and Elliott love these pacifiers. Nathan and I tried Nuks, Soothies, Avent, and Dr. Brown's pacifiers and none of them did the trick. Eliza never took a pacifier, so I am delighted the boys decided MAM's were good enough for them!
Thanks for the recommendation, Caitlin! And thank you Suzanne (her mother) for buying them for Theodore!


  1. Mam's are awesome. Both Ella and Hazel would only take a pacifier for the first 6 weeks, but Mam was it for both of them. So glad you're getting a little peace :)

  2. Hahaha... Sort of funny... I'll keep this in mind :)


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