Saturday, January 28, 2012

2 Months With Twins

At two months old, Ezra and Elliott are still struggling with upset stomachs and sore mouths due to thrush. Sadly, the last month has been exhausting for them, but hopefully things are about to change. Despite sickness, each boy has started to show a developing personality.


Elliott is the big brother. He tends to eat more each feeding and sleeps a little longer than Ezra. He has been less affected by the thrush, so he is a bit happier than his brother most days. Most notably, Elliott definitely knows when he wants to be held. If, for some reason, his cries are not immediately answered with a loving touch, he becomes hysterical. Nathan likes to say he goes from "0 to 60 in two seconds."

Once held, Elliott loves to face you and cuddle. He will then lift his head and stare directly into your eyes for as long as he possibly can. He loves making eye contact and has such a sweet smile. He knows his father's voice and will turn his head, looking for Dad, as soon as he Nathan speaks. He is more introspective and calm.

I love him. He always smells so wonderful, and I find myself constantly breathing him in and kissing his baby head.


Ezra is the baby brother. Nathan and I lovingly refer to him as our youngest child, although he is only 8 minutes younger than Elliott. Ezra has had a difficult month. Before thrush, his grandfather jokingly nicknamed him "E-Z" because he was such an "easy" baby, who never made a sound. These days, he tends to have more difficulty falling asleep and loves being rocked or held close. Nathan is usually the only person who can bounce Ezra soundly asleep. Once asleep, Ezra wiggles with stomach pain and cannot sleep for longer than an hour or so. Fortunately, he has found solace in his binky and enjoys being tightly swaddled. 

Ezra has piercing eyes. Sometimes, when I am holding him, I feel as though he is looking straight into my soul! He has the longest eyelashes (so does Elliott), which frame his beautiful blue eyes. He is a curious baby, who does his best to look around the room take in all of his surroundings. Like his brother, Ezra enjoys being held close and falls right to sleep once he is snuggled up against someone. He is precious, and we love him so much. I feel so guilty he has been sick for so long. I know once the thrush is gone, he will go back to being a happy baby.

Although smaller than Elliott in weight, Ezra weighed 10 pounds 14 ounces at the doctor on Thursday (we won't know Elliott's weight until Wednesday). He is currently in the 98th percentile for his adjusted age. The pediatrician said she was actually worried about him gaining too much weight. We can hardly believe he was just 4 pounds two months ago!

This week, the boys actually reached one of their first milestones. On Tuesday, each boy started to smile! I was feeding Ezra when Nathan ran into the room, holding Elliott. He proudly exclaimed, "Elliott is smiling at me!" He was obviously excited about the event, and I smiled a little as I told him, "Well, Ezra has been smiling for the last hour!" I wonder if they'll reach most milestones around the same time (or even day again).


  1. I love these boys! The pictures are beautiful, lighting is perfect. Their little sleepy eyes makes me want to give them kisses all over their chubby, delicious cheeks.

  2. I love these pictures and your descriptions are wonderful too. I also love how they always seem to link their arms when they are together. So sweet.

  3. awwww i love it. they are getting so handsome!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful!! Their cheeks are the cutest! I sure hope these boys feel better soon. Poor kids. And poor sleepless you.

  5. Such a sweet post. And the pictures are so good. Your little boys are just adorable!


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