Sunday, January 1, 2012

Highlights from 2011

- Nathan was able to quit his job at Noodles and Company, and we finally had the opportunity to see each other on a daily basis.
- My dear friend, Katy, moved to Provo and began watching Eliza for a few hours every morning. This meant hours of good times, including fun watching "Yo Gabba Gabba," for our little girl.

- I miscarried for the second time in six months, and I found myself reevaluating my priorities and my crazy work schedule.
- We also had some good news that month. Nathan was offically accepted to Western States University in Portland for chiropractic school. We made plans to move in August and tried to mentally prepare for the graduate school life.

- Eliza turned 18 months old and began saying short sentences. She added a number of words to her vocabulary and seemingly transformed from baby to toddler overnight.
- I enjoyed an abundance of late nights with my girlfriends, watching shows like "Face Off" and playing hours of Dr. Mario while Nathan studied for organic chemistry and anatomy.

- We found out I was pregnant again!

- The hyperemesis began, and I turned into a walking zombie. We had our first ultrasound and were happy to see a heartbeat! We found out we were having twins at the end of the month. All of our plans slowly began to change.

- Our dear friend and roommate, Amalia, returned from New Zealand. It was great to have such a wonderful friend in our home, especially when I became so sick and felt miserable all the time.

- After weeks of constant vomiting, I found myself unable to work and had to quit my job at SirsiDynix. I could no longer make it to the office and remained on the couch the entirety of the day.
- Due to my sickness, my mother-in-law came to live with us for the month. Nathan and I decided to move to Othello and live with my in-laws in order to get the help we needed.
- I received IV therapy for over 30 days. Nathan was amazing and learned how to start the IV's so I could have the treatments at home.
- We got to hang out with Becky and Brittany and had a sneak peak of twin life.

 - We met with a perinatologist and found out we were having identical twin boys!

- June was the most trying month of my life. There were nights I would sob because I was just so hungry; I thought I would die of starvation. Thankfully, I have blocked out most of the worst memories, and all the suffering was completely worth it.

- My friend Julie came to visit all the way from Pennsylvania!
- I continued to receive IV therapy and had a feeding tube inserted; it lasted a day before I threw it up.
- Becca and Ashley surprised us with a going away party, and we said a final farewell to some of the most amazing people.

 - We left Provo and moved to Othello, right in time for our annual family reunion.
- By the end of the month, I was finally able to keep some foods down.

- I began gaining weight!!
- We found a doctor in Othello that we loved.
- Nathan and I celebrated our anniversary with a wonderful date.
- After much consideration, we decided to defer Nathan's schooling until January of 2012.

- We visited South Carolina, and Eliza was able to play in the ocean for the first time.

- I started modified bed rest and began watching tons of movies and shows on Netflix.
- Our perinatologist gave us a tentative due date of December 4, and we began thinking again about chiropractic school again. We weren't sure if the babies would need NICU time, and we didn't feel comfortable moving to a new state only a few weeks after their arrival. We decided to defer school again until the fall semester of 2012.

- I began strict bed rest and almost went crazy. I really love Nathan for maintaining such a positive attitude as he took care of a bedridden wife and a crazy toddler.
- Eliza was an adorable princess for Halloween.
 - I continued to gain weight and looked huge!

- We met with several doctors, who advised us to have the twins in the Tri-Cities. Nathan and I then met the doctor who would deliver the boys and anxiously awaited their arrival.
- Less than 48 hours after a supposed "false alarm," I delivered Ezra and Elliott in Othello. Everything went wonderfully!

- The month was a blur of feedings and sleepless nights. We enjoyed visits from Becca, Ashley, my mom, and family members.
- Nathan turned 30!
- The babies had their first Christmas, and Eliza was excited to receive presents this year.

January 1, 2012
And today is the actual due date for Ezra and Elliott. It's hard to believe they have been here for nearly five weeks already!


  1. Oh my gosh, you guys have had the craziest year ever!! Wow, you've been through so much! You will be so much healthier this year, it's going to be wonderful. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. While Othello is NOT optimal, I'm so glad you guys are so close and that we've been able to take advantage of that sublimity. I just love those boys and Eliza with all her cute sassyness (well, almost all of it ;) ). What a year y'all have had! It's amazing and crazy and kind of surreal.


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