Monday, January 2, 2012

"I Did It!"

Eliza is two going on ten. She refuses any form of help and continually insists that she "can do it." From putting peanut butter on bread to insisting on taking out the trash, Eliza wants to do everything with absolutely no assistance.

Independence is great and all, but moderation in all things is best. After the events of yesterday morning, I am an even stronger believer in this notion.

For a mid-morning snack, Nathan decided to heat up a cinnamon roll for Eliza. In the microwave. Innocent enough. (Please keep in mind that the microwave is built into the kitchen's island, which is eye level for Eliza.)

He gave Eliza the cinnamon roll and quickly went to the bathroom to finish shaving. The bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen and the door was open. Nathan has not had a waking moment to himself in weeks, so he has to find random windows of time in order to do anything other than tend to the babies and Eliza.  He thought Eliza was adequately distracted with her treat and considered it a "safe" moment to shave.

Well, he was right about the cinnamon roll distracting Eliza. Unfortunately, the microwave did as well.

Just a couple of minutes into shaving, Eliza ran into the bathroom and exclaimed: "I did it!" Nathan assumed she was referring to eating her cinnamon roll (and you know what they say about assuming) and continued to shave. However, he soon stopped after he heard the faint humming sound of the microwave. He walked out of the bathroom and discovered the kitchen engulfed in black smoke that was rapidly pouring out of the microwave.

Apparently, Eliza had decided to reheat the cinnamon roll on her own. She discovered how to start the microwave and just kept pressing buttons, so the roll would continue to cook. Clever girl.  The cinnamon roll resembled a hockey puck when Nathan pulled it out of the microwave.
 During all of the commotion, I was in the basement with Ty and Jenny tending to the babies. Nathan called down the stairs, "If the smoke alarm goes off and it smell like fire, don't worry! I know why!"


A few seconds later, the awful, overwhelming smell of charred toast filled the basement (and the entire house); it then transformed into the smell of a freshly doused campfire.  Over 24 hours later, the smell  remains. We have opened doors, cleaned with Clorox, put out baking soda, lit Scentsy candles, and sprayed air freshener. Tonight, we even removed the microwave and took it outside. None of this has done the trick.

Just another reminder to never leave a toddler unattended- even if it's for less than five minutes.  Looking at that cinnamon roll, though, I can't help but laugh. Eliza's excitement at successfully working the microwave (and nearly setting the house on fire) is somehow adorable. Oh, the inquisitive mind of a two year old!


  1. Oh my goodness, Eliza! Sneaky! Really, there was no way to prevent that. You can't watch them every single second. You have to shave or go to the bathroom sometimes!! What can you do, put a lock on the microwave? Toddlers!

  2. So, seriously won't be surprised if that smell is still there this weekend. Foul and suffocating.

  3. This is such a fun story! And it also made made me a little nervous so I double checked my microwave and it looks like mine has a lock feature on i. It is a super old microwave too, so maybe yours does too???

  4. hilarious! but bad for you because that is a horrible smell!


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