Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good News / Bad News

This evening, I went to the doctor for an emergency room follow-up visit. I received some good news and the expected bad news.

I'll start with the bad news first, so we end things on a positive note!

Bad News: I have mastitis and thrush. That means the babies have thrush, too.

I've been taking the antibiotics for mastitis since Saturday, but the ER doctor wasn't sure I had thrush and therefore didn't give me a prescription to treat it. I informed the physician that I had spoken to a lactation consultant (Caitlin) and had all the symptoms of thrush. So yes, I told him! I even told him what to prescribe me! The biggest downside to delaying the treatment of thrush is that Ezra and Elliott both have symptoms (it is transferred from mother to baby and vice versa) and have been fussy for days now. Poor babies. Poor me awake with babies at night.

Treatment is on the way, though, so hopefully things will get better quickly for all of us.

Good News: I have lost 35 pounds in 5 weeks! Ask me how!

Get pregnant with twins, gain tons of weight, have twins, breastfeed. You really didn't think I would say: working out and eating healthy foods, right?

And even though I can't squeeze myself into any of my old jeans, I am just fine with my current weight. I'm quite sure I will never fit into my old clothes (everything is wider), but I am coming to terms with it. When I got "dressed up" a couple of weeks ago, I felt like a million bucks.
It's good to know my vanity still exist somewhere beneath the spit-up covered t-shirts and baggy sweat pants! Good for Nathan that is-- maybe one day he'll get his old wife back!


  1. It's funny because it all makes sense now, considering you were having symptoms of both and the boys were having symptoms. I'm so glad that you were able to have it determined and that it can be taken care of. Also, HOORAY for loosing weight, no matter how it happened! When you don't weigh as much as you used to that's always a good day.

  2. Oh my gosh, you look AWESOME! Pretty. You are pretty. And your boys look so cute! Seriously, you are going to treasure that picture. I love seeing pictures of me with both boys where I don't look haggard, since they're rare.

  3. i'll go ahead and tell you right now that you look better than me and i have NOT birthed 3 babies. :) good job!!!!!!!!

  4. You look totally incredible!! Look at your tiny little self!! It's amazing what female bodies can do. Seriously. 5 weeks?? That is superhuman. Also, I took that picture a week ago so you can brag that you looked like that at FOUR weeks postpartum. :)


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