Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is This Real Life?

Nathan and I frequently find ourselves asking, "What day is it?" Nathan seems to have a more difficult time keeping things straight, though.

Case in point:

This Friday, the following conversation occurred:

"While we feed the babies, do you want to watch Grimm?"

"Wait. It's on again?"**

"Yeah. There's a new episode. It's Friday."

"It feels like we just saw an episode. Are you sure it's Friday?"

"Yep. Pretty sure."

"Well, that week was a blur!"

Thank goodness for DVR and semi-decent television shows (Grimm, Face Off and 30 Rock). Otherwise, I really would have no frame of reference for knowing the days of the week (aside from Sunday when Cheryl and Rex take Eliza to church).

**Correction: Upon reading this post, Nathan reminded me that he actually said, "Wait. It's Grimm day?" Apparently, it was worse than I thought.


  1. One day, someday in the future, you will have rest and sleep. When that gets here, who knows, but you guys are definitely in for some pretty ridiculous awesome blessings for everything you've had to (and will have to) endure. I love you!

  2. We love Grimm too! Is it bad that Evan watches it with us? He loves shows like that! Haha!

  3. Wait, is Grimm on again? I haven't seen a new episode since the beginning of December!!

  4. Happy "Face Off" Day! That's Wednesday in case you were wondering. :)


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