Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Town Woes

Living in a small town, options for just about everything are limited.

Hungry? You can go to McDonald's or a handful of local restaurants.

Need groceries (or anything, really)? Walmart.

Need a pediatrician? Oh. We have one.

Over three weeks ago, I knew Ezra and Elliott had thrush because I had been diagnosed with a case of it. I've mentioned thrush several times, but just to recap, it is a fungal infection due to candida yeast. Nursing mothers and their babies are affected and both parties require treatment in order for the yeast to go away. After I received medication to help clear my infection, I immediately scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician.

However, because the babies did not have the obvious symptom of white sores in their mouths, the pediatrician did not want to write a prescription for anything (regardless of the other symptoms). I was frustrated, but didn't know what to do other than treat myself and go on our way.

Once we eliminated formula and my thrush went away, it seemed as though everything would be fine. But then, my thrush returned last week, which meant the boys still had the infection as well. It also meant they had most likely reinfected me; it didn't matter that I had taken medicine if they weren't also treated.

My frustration grew. Could I get a second opinion? No. Because I'm in Othello.

I mentioned that I demanded Nystatin when I went to my doctor on Monday. This was supposed to effectively treat all three of us. Last night, though, when I was reading the box the medicine came in, the words: "Not safe for nursing mothers" were clearly stated on the package. Hmmm....Apparently, there are several forms of Nystatin and the one I was prescribed is only safe for the mother. Wonderful.

And to top it off, the boys are increasingly miserable. Ezra is in such obvious pain that he just cries soft sobs all day and looks up at us with the saddest eyes. Elliott is doing a bit better, but he also requires constant patting and bouncing in order to sleep.

After another long (and sleepless) night, I called the pediatrician and scheduled another appointment. I explained the situation and the receptionist explained there was only one opening, so only one baby could be seen today. Okay? How much longer does it take to look into two babies' mouths? We decided to take Ezra because he was awake and still fussing, while Elliott had finally fallen asleep.

Nathan left with Ezra, and I told him not to leave the office without medicine for the babies. I was serious, too! For weeks, we have tried to get rid of this thrush. Nathan returned a short while later with the medicine and said the pediatrician had seen sores in Ezra's mouth and was convinced he had thrush. So, in order to be treated, he had to have full-blown thrush and suffer for weeks.

Like any mother, I felt furious. I wanted to drive over to the office and say: "Are you happy now?! Now that he is in obvious pain?" Hours later, I am still upset (obviously). Additionally, because Ezra only went in, we only received a prescription for one baby. Also ridiculous. We'll be taking Elliott in as soon as possible, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal. It's mostly just annoying.

Point of the story: Driving to a different city to see another doctor would have been worth it. Just because you are a stay-at-home mother and a self professed worrier, doesn't mean you can't properly diagnose your children. You know your kids! You are smart!

I just hate knowing the current scene in our house could be different. Nathan is bouncing an inconsolable Ezra, and Elliott refuses to sleep despite being ridiculously tired. They are still hurting, but at least we can actually do something for them now. That is an immense relief.

End Mama Bear rant.


  1. I know it's 30 minutes away, but I would definitely check out what Moses Lake's options are for pediatricians. So far, from what you've said on your blog, I'm deeply unimpressed with this pediatrician. She seems to have a mentality that because she's the only expert available within the limited radius, her patients have no choice, but to heed her words. I'm glad you insisted and saw to it that your babies are being treated the way they should be, though it's unfortunate that the doctor really had to wait so long before giving her approval of the diagnosis.

  2. I haven't read through all the comments, so forgive me if I'm suggesting something that you've already tried. When I had thrush, we tried gentian violet. It turns everything purple-you, the kids mouth-but it can help if you don't want to you use prescription. I believe you can buy it at any pharmacy.

    Anyway, maybe that will help?

  3. How retarded! You think the doctor would actually care about the health and pain that all three of you were experiencing-seems like they're more concerned with their own hides in possibly mis-diagnosing you than the comfort of their patients.

  4. Oh, Othello. Sigh... What a strange land it is... I don't know why you wanted to change your facebook location. Just leave it as Provo, my friend!! Why advertise that you are living in O-Town?! :) I'm sorry this is happening. I hope you all feel better soon.

  5. Oh man! I remember the one pediatrician issue we had in NM! Good luck! I hope you get some relief for those boys soon!

    You are an awesome mom! I am in awe with your strength! You are amazing!

  6. Ugh! I hate when pediatricians aren't supportive. I love my ped for the sole fact that he always says that we know our own children best and are important in helping the ped understand what's really going on. It's so nice to feel validated! Hope all 3 of you start feeling better soon!


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