Monday, October 31, 2011


Eliza was an adorable little princess for Halloween this year. Although she loved twirling in her pretty dress, she made it known that not all princesses enjoy wearing a crown.
This is Eliza giving me her death stare for placing a crown upon her head.
After much coaxing (and the promise of candy), Nathan and I finally convinced Eliza to wear the crown for a few minutes so we could quickly take some pictures.

Eliza practicing her model faces.
Cinderella and her pumpkin.

This is her saying she is "all ready" to go get some treats!
This dress was totally worth the 50 cents I paid for it at a yard sale!
She gave us a few smiles and then promptly threw the crown on the ground. I was excited we managed to get a few cute pictures before the crown meltdown. She was so excited to dress up and go out, and I couldn't help but smile as I watched her dance around in her costume. She was so happy!

Nathan and I then took her to the church a block away for the trunk-or-treat party. I stayed in the car, while they walked around to the various trunks. Nathan taught her how to say "trick-or-treat," and she would excitedly yell either "trick" or "treat" to the various people giving away candy.
After twenty minutes, she was pretty exhausted. This is the face of a child who is crashing after an afternoon of excitement.
I was already overdoing it by being out of bed, so we were fine with coming home early. It was a great  evening with our little princess!

p.s. I always thought the Fairy Godmother was saying, "Bippity-boppity-boo." Nathan was nice enough to correct me. How did I miss that? I've seen Cinderella a million times!


  1. Celia-

    I was pretty sure that it was "Bippity-Boppity-Boo" as well. Where is Nathan getting his info? :) Also, I love you.

  2. Wait... what? It's not bippity boppity boo? Huh.

  3. I know!! Look at this Wikipedia article. I, of course, Googled it to prove him wrong and ended up quite embarrassed.

  4. Eliza is adorable! And I remember being so confused the last time I watched cinderella (more recently than I'd like to admit) because I thought to myself "Shes not saying the right words."

  5. I totally thought it was biddity with a t. Eliza makes the perfect little cinderella, how cute. And thank heavens for trunk or treats, tick or treating the real way with a small kid is torture.

  6. So adorable! She was also pretty cute handing out candy last night. LOVED IT!


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