Friday, October 28, 2011

I Get That All the Time

From time to time, I like to grow me out a beard. In the initial stages, it looks something like this:

As it grows in more I start getting comments of who I look like. I've gotten Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, and Paul Giamatti (I know, right?). But now I can add another doppleganger to the list.

I was at preschool with Eliza and it was playground time. There's a little girl named Sunny who has always been particularly wary of me -- probably because I'm the only guy. Well this was the first week I was sporting the on-the-way-to-a-beard thing on my face, and I noticed Sunny trying to figure me out. She crawled out from a tunnel in the play thing and stopped when she saw me. She looked at me (which was a huge deal), so I thought "hey she's getting used to me" and I smiled really big at her. As I smiled, her eyes got wider and she slowly backed up into the tunnel she was coming out of.

I was pretty happy with our recent breakthrough until I saw her run to her mom and whisper something to her. Her mom came over and told me what she said . . . "Mom, I'm scared of Jesus."

Just wait, Sunny, just you wait:


  1. Nathan- Eliza thinks you are sad in your "Jesus photo." She keeps pointing to the screen and saying: "Daddy sad. Daddy sad. He crying." It's pretty cute.

  2. I love Celia comment. That's kinda adorable. :)

    I've been wondering if Ty is going to start growing his beard out soon. Maybe seeing your will get him going. The first stages are not my favorite, but I like when it's fully grown.

  3. Hahahaha I love this post and the above interactions, as well... you forgot Bob Ross, though. There is a guy in my office dressed as him today, but he can't pull it off nearly as well as you.


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