Saturday, October 15, 2011


Earlier this week, Nathan and I were lucky enough to see a few of our dearest friends. Ben, Megan, and their son Noah came to visit Othello and were nice enough to stop by our house a few times. Ben and Nathan have been friends since the third grade and have an amazingly ridiculous friendship. For instance, when Ben calls, Nathan answers the phone in a strange voice and says things like: "Thanks for calling Taco Bell. How can I help you?" Ben plays along expertly because that is just the kind of friends they are.

I feel incredibly lucky Megan and I get along so wonderfully. It means we can talk about things we care about rather than listen to Nathan and Ben go off for hours. Coincidentally, my good friend Beckie grew up with Megan, so I knew I would love her once I met finally met her (we spoke on the phone for hours about ours husbands, pregnancy, life, etc. before we ever met).

We did the typical things people do with friends: talked, ate pizza, laughed, watched a movie, played with our kids together. It felt great to hang out with people who love us. We've been away from our friends for so long (three months feels like forever) that I've started to forget how incredibly normalizing it is to be social.

Provo friends, SC friends, all friends....I miss you.

Before the Harvill family left, we made sure to take some pictures of Eliza and Noah together. They were such an adorable little duo:

Eliza is trying to figure out what Noah is doing with his hands. 

Eliza thinking about giving Noah a kiss. She would get a few inches away from his mouth, but never went in for the final kill. Too cute.


  1. Aww those are the cutest!! I am totally going to steal them and blog about our visit too. :) What cute kids. They were so funny. We loved visiting you guys!!


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