Thursday, October 6, 2011

Current Eliza Happenings

Eliza is another month older and is somewhat sad it is no longer her birthday month. When we sang "Happy Birthday" and gave her presents a month ago, she had no idea what was going on. And now, only a few weeks later, she wants everyday to be her birthday. Anytime someone mentions the words "cake," "birthday," and even "fire" (candles, you know), Eliza starts saying: "Zsa-Zsa, cake? Zsa-Zsa's birthday!"

After witnessing a birthday party celebration at a local restaurant, Eliza was inconsolable until Nathan promised her a birthday cake when we got home. So, in the past few weeks, we have had two batches of birthday brownies, cupcakes, and cookies. Nathan is pampering his little princess. We both figure she only has a few months left as the queen of the castle, so why not indulge her a little?
Eliza enjoying an afternoon outside with Nathan. Pure Happiness.
Eliza mostly talks in complete sentences and has learned how to ask for things and boss people around. For instance, if she wants Nathan to sit with her, she'll say, "Daddy, come sit" and motion for him to come over. She often goes to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator doors, begging for "chocolatchie milk" (she merges the Portuguese and English words for chocolate). Additionally, she has learned how to say "I want." Here are some of her favorite "I want" phrases: "I want to go outside," "I want to slide," "I want to jump," "I want a cookie," "I want Elmo."

Speaking of Elmo, Eliza has decided she likes Sesame Street. Now that I am on bedrest, I really can't do much at all with her. So, in the mornings, we have a little routine. Nathan and Eliza wake up and make breakfast for me. Eliza then comes to my room and says, "Hi, Mommy!" until I am awake. She crawls into bed, and we watch a morning episode of Sesame Street as she cuddles with me. It's the best 45 minutes of my day. It doesn't get much better than spending time with this happy little girl.
Nathan has been wonderful about creating a solid routine for Eliza. It has improved everyone's lives immensely. Eliza now looks forward to her various activities and helping daddy cook. She has the majority of the schedule memorized and knows when to expect her naps and bedtime. Instead of crying herself to sleep, Eliza now says her prayers and happily goes to bed. I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made.
She's fascinated by Nathan's funny faces.
Currently, Eliza's favorite thing to do is go to school. Her favorite things to talk about are helicopters, trains, airplanes, and tractors. She also likes to show people the babies in her belly. It's pretty cute. And when it comes to food, she unfortunately still loves hot dogs. We're trying to work on that one.
Waiting patiently for her hot dog.
So happy to eat!
I say it every month, but we sure do love our little girl.


  1. Oh my gosh is so cute, and the picture of her watching Nathan's silly faces is my favorite.
    Does she refer to herself as Zsa-zsa? Because I love that, and want to call her that forever.

  2. Um, those are the CUTEST PICTURES EVER. Sometimes I wish we could go back to me getting to babysit her and then hang out at your house pretty much alllllllllll the tiiiiiiiime.

  3. I love her smiley face. It's crazy to think how big she is compared to how tiny she was as a baby.

  4. she is so cute and I cannot believe how old she is! She looks so big, she's practically a little girl.


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