Monday, October 10, 2011

Yellow Wallpaper Syndrome

On Friday, I told Nathan I was so bored I might actually begin talking to the wallpaper. Nathan doesn't care too much for short stories, so I am not sure he fully understood what I meant. Essentially, I feel like I am going crazy laying in bed all day, and it has only been a week! I have been taking it easy for months and staying in bed most of the day, but all day long is a different story. The biggest change has been eliminating stair time from my daily life. This means I can no longer say prayers and help tuck Eliza in upstairs. I also can't watch her play with her toys and sit with Nathan as they hang out downstairs. I am limited to the entry level floor, which is awfully lonely during the day.

After speaking with my doctor, he said I could get up from time to time, but if I started feeling contractions, I had  to immediately lay back down. By Saturday, I could tell I was feeling physically stronger, but desperately needed  to get out of the house. My in-laws (who are amazing) decided to take me out to some yard sales. We reclined the seat in the car and went to three different yard sales, looking for baby clothes. I didn't do much walking at all, but I did manage to find a ton of baby clothes (dozens of outfits for 0-6 months), an incredibly cheap bouncer, and a rolling suitcase for Eliza that she just had to have (she loves anything that she can push/pull).

At the final yard sale, Cheryl and I hit the jackpot! We found a ton of toys at ridiculously low prices. We purchased a number of Thomas the Train toy trains, books, baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and Polly Pockets for Eliza and her cousins. Grandma's playroom is fully stocked! We also found this adorable kitchen for only 10 dollars!
However, the most exciting find (for me) were the Disney Princess costumes. We found Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty dresses for $2.00! Eliza also found a bag of costume jewelry and snagged these amazing Cinderella princess glasses all for $1.00:
It was a fun and much needed adventure. We came back home, and I immediately rested. I then slept the majority of yesterday as well.  I think this was pretty much my last hurrah until the twins come; I'd rather not risk pushing myself and enjoy the peace of mind bed rest brings.


  1. That's awesome. The day before was waaaay better for me. Though I did get some cute stuff on Friday.

  2. I read the title and felt immediate dread. I'm glad the post turned out to be happy!

  3. Oooh! I read that one in an american humanities class- creepy.

  4. Princess finds are rare-how exciting! Good luck in these next weeks, I can't imagine bedrest with a toddler-it was bad enough all by myself. I'm thinking of you:)

  5. Girl, you KNOW how I love it when you reference terrifying-beyond-all-belief American lit short stories!! SHOOT.

  6. Okay, I didn't know the stairs thing was that bad. Now I feel HORRIBLE that we were going up and down the stairs the whole time we visited. Like tons of times! Ben and Nathan should have been carrying you!


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