Saturday, October 22, 2011

Psst...You're Staring

Earlier this month, the preschool class my mother-in-law teaches went to the local fair.  Eliza is in the toddler class for younger children, but Cheryl thought it would be a fun outing for our little lady. Nathan and I agreed Eliza would love the fair and were happy she was able to tag along on the field trip. It's definitely nice to have Grandma as the teacher!

This was the week I was strictly forbidden to do anything, so Cheryl made sure to document the outing by taking a few pictures with her iPhone. I was going through the pictures and stumbled across these gems:
Eliza with all the pumpkins. Cute.
Eliza staring at one of her classmates. It's not that obvious, is it?
Yes, yes it is.

For some reason, I couldn't stop laughing. She just looks so curious! Growing up in South Carolina, I was surrounded by a diverse culture. So far, Eliza has been exposed to the culture of Utah and eastern Washington. Her face says it all....diversi-what??


  1. Hahaha! See, to me it looks like she just has good taste-- you know that kid's gonna grow up super hot!

  2. This made me laugh SOOOO hard. I needed that. Thanks.

  3. Too funny. :) She'll definitely get more diversity when you guys move.


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