Tuesday, October 4, 2011

27 Weeks and Bedrest

This past weekend, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. My in-laws went with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to a huge yard sale event near Seattle, and I was unable to go. I knew there would be tons of baby gear, toddler toys, and countless other items, but I changed my mind at the last minute after I evaluated the amount of traveling and walking that would be required. Instead, I stayed at home and enjoyed conference weekend with Nathan and Eliza.

On Sunday night, I tried to sleep despite increasing abdominal pains. Initially, I dismissed the aches as normal pregnancy discomfort. Because I could not rest, I began reading a book on twin pregnancy that was given to me by my friend Becky. Coincidentally, the chapter I opened to focused on signs of preterm labor. After reading the chapter, I decided I would go to the doctor first thing in the morning, as the pains were not close enough together to be extremely worried.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I tossed and turned and anxiously counted down the hours to 8 AM when I could call the doctor. When I finally called, I was told to immediately come in to the office. For the next hour, my contractions were monitored. I watched the machine and knew the intermittent arches were not a good sign. My wonderful doctor came in and asked : "What did you do this weekend? Were you walking more than often? Were you out of bed more than usual?"

And while I had not walked for hours going to various yard sales, I had done more than I have in weeks. I walked up and down the stairs multiple times, tried to sit up and play with Eliza, and even watched Nathan and Eliza run around in the yard. Crazy weekend, I know.

After some further tests, Dr. Miu determined I would not have to stay in the hospital and receive the drugs necessary to prevent labor. He assured me that all I needed was rest. Bed rest. Real bed rest, not just my self-imposed bed rest program. I was relieved and immensely grateful I decided not to go to Seattle.

We met with our perinatologist later on in the afternoon for a lengthy ultrasound. This week, the hearts and organs of the babies were closely inspected for any abnormalities. Of course, these kinds of ultrasounds are always stressful, but everything appeared to be perfect. The doctor kept saying, "What lovely chambers!" when he looked at the hearts. I was proud.

Again, I am reminded how blessed we are. I am so excited for our twin boys.
I also want to say I am so glad we switched doctors a couple of months ago. Dr. Miu has been amazing. He called tonight (after his office closed) to make sure I was feeling okay and no longer having contractions. What a great guy! I highly recommend not settling for a doctor who provides second-class treatment, even if he is highly recommended and has amazing credentials. 


  1. Although I'm sad you didn't come with us (btw, I ended up staying in the truck the last two hours we were out because of my hip), I'm glad that you played it safe. Rest well darlin' and keep those baby boys cookin'! Also, you're belly pics make me super jealous of your camera.

  2. Stay down. It is so worth it. Eliza will be just fine. Stay off the stairs!

    ps If you want Seattle garage sale baby gear, make me a list and I'll keep my eyes peeled.


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