Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Diagnosis Please?

Earlier today, I started experiencing a strange set of symptoms. In short, it feels as though something is permanently lodged in my esophagus, like I have swallowed a piece of food that decided to remain firmly in my throat. However, I know this isn't the case, as I have eaten several meals today and have had my fair share of water.

I'm not nauseated, but I feel as though I need to throw up in order to remove the nonexistent food. Additionally, I had mild chest pains, which have now stopped. I am one of the lucky pregnant women who has never experienced heartburn, so is this it? Can heartburn make it feel like your throat is closing up?

Any suggestions? Anyone care to make a diagnosis? Perhaps a Tums will heal all?


  1. this is heartburn. I take two prilosec for a couple days and I'm fine.

  2. Yep heartburn! :( I had it with Abby it NEVER went away i tried everything. I HOPE you can figure something out to help it

  3. This is a little late, but there is no way this is heartburn. You have a family of raccoons living in your throat. I Repeat. A FAMILY OF RACCOONS. I recommend Prilosec. Raccoons hate that stuff.

  4. I had it happen to me while pregnant, the answer is heartburn and it sucks, and nothing I tried helped. I am so sorry.


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