Sunday, September 11, 2011

24 Weeks

Now that I officially weigh more than I ever have in my entire life, I find it increasingly difficult to walk, breathe, move, and function normally...and I have (hopefully) at least 12 weeks to go!
Other than the normal pregnancy complaints, I feel great! I am grateful daily that we have made it this far with no real complications (other than the hyperemesis). My greatest problems these days are my intense cravings for foods that do not exist in Othello, Washington. There are no restaurants here. There is no Chick-Fil-A. There is no In-N-Out or Costa Vida. There are no boiled peanuts and amazing peaches.  And furthermore, there are no Debbie Cakes at the local stores...both of them (yes there are only two grocery stores here, including Walmart). I want Devil Squares! Is that too much to ask for? Apparently so. Nathan and I drove to the next city over, looking for the Debbie Cakes, and had no success. I was very disappointed.

In the grand scheme of life, none of this is important. In my pregnant, irrational mind, I feel like I am starving without access to my staple foods. But hey, if that is my biggest complaint, I guess I am doing pretty well. And as you can see, I definitely look like I am thriving.


  1. You look amazing! I'm just so thrilled for you!

  2. You are so pretty-pregnant! I will see what I can do about finding these Debbie Cakes here. I can't believe they don't have them there or in ML! Once upon a time I thought they did, but I'll check around here. These MUST be found. Haha.

  3. You are adorable!! You look totally great! I'm SO glad you're feeling so much better.

  4. That color looks great on you. You look like you're positively glowing :)


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