Friday, September 9, 2011


As I have said before, there isn't much to do in Othello. So, after Eliza went to sleep last night, Nathan and I decided to go out to the most exciting place around....Walmart. You guessed it! We wanted to get out of the house and buy a puzzle, so Walmart was the place to be.

The trip was a success, and we found a four pack of 1,000 pieces puzzles, which we thought would keep us busy for a while. On the way out of the store, though, we walked by a claw machine...
(you know, like this)
...and saw this:
Foofa! (She is one of Eliza's favorite characters from Yo Gabba Gabba! for those of you who don't watch Nick JR constantly.)

I really wanted to buy one of these for Eliza's birthday, but they were just too expensive! The cheapest ones I could find were 18 dollars, which was too much to pay for a tiny plush doll. As soon as we saw the Foofa just sitting there, Nathan and I both got excited. We decided to have some fun and take a couple of turns at the claw machine. Each attempt was 50 cents, so we limited ourselves to spending $1.50. Nathan went once and narrowly missed! I then went and won the doll beside Foofa. Lame.

Nathan had one last chance...and missed it.

Rather than giving up and going back home (like normal adults), Nathan got three dollars more worth of quarters. Four attempts later, Nathan won Foofa for Eliza. We were so happy because we knew Eliza would love it! I am sure we looked completely ridiculous, but we were having fun. 

I couldn't wait for Eliza to see her Foofa doll. When she woke up this morning, she saw the doll and began saying, "Eliza's Foofa? Eliza's Foofa?" They then watched Eliza's traditional morning episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! together.  Eliza made sure to share her blanket with Foofa (which is a big deal).

After this experience and previous dates to the Nickelcade in Provo, I know Nathan and I should never go near Las Vegas or any sort of slot machines. We just can't stop until we win! That being said, Nathan pointed out that we only spent a few dollars and had one of "the cheapest dates ever."  We had such a good time laughing together and celebrating our victory. Additionally, Eliza received a pretty great toy.

I love being married to someone awesome. I don't know who else would consider Walmart dates, puzzles every night, and claw machine adventures so much fun.


  1. I love this date! Here's the thing. Being LDS and living in a small community, where there's extremely limited choices of things to do, you get super creative. Also, I love that you guys didn't give up until you got it. All in all, this Foofa was much cheaper than $18 and you had fun.

  2. That Foofa is much bigger than the Foofa in my head at the beginning of this post. Well worth the price! Sounds like fun too! Jenny and I are always the first ones to comment on your posts. Does that mean we get points for loving you the most?

  3. I know! The Foofa was way bigger than the ones online. I love it! We totally saved money by playing the claw game. And yes, Megan. You and Jenny get tons of bonus points. And love. Lots of love.

  4. I can't believe you got it! I remember looking everywhere in Provo for a Foofa doll for Eliza and couldn't find one. It's crazy it was in the claw machine in the first place!

  5. Yea! Before I scrolled down I was so worried you wouldn't get it! I shouldn't have doubted your awesome claw abilities:)

  6. Awesome! It's much bigger than I expected and so right there... GREAT JOB on getting it!

  7. Ok, I went to Walmart today and actually looked at our claw machine...and there was BROBEE!!!! I told Kyle your inspiring story but he said that it would take at LEAST $20 before he could get him. So we didn't try. We're not as cool as you.

  8. Seriously, you are living the life of my dreams. Yo Gabba Gabba-inspired acts of childish delight? THOSE ARE MY DREAMS.


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