Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Ketchup, Please

Fact A: Eliza loves french fries.
Fact B: The past few weeks, I have had an overwhelming and insatiable craving for french fries.

Conclusion: We eat french fries way too often.

And although Eliza certainly enjoys eating french fries, she could eat ketchup for every meal. Alone. Just the ketchup.
She loves holding the cups of ketchup and dipping the same fry repeatedly. It's cute, but also kind of gross.
We keep reminding her that ketchup is to be eaten with the fries, but she just doesn't  seem to really understand.
This is the face of someone who is being forced to eat a french fry in conjunction with ketchup.
It doesn't last long, though. She just grabs another fry and continues to enjoy the ketchup without actually eating any potato. Clever girl.


  1. Oh my goodness! She's hilarious. :) Also, french fries make me happy.

  2. that's how I ate tem as a kid too :)

  3. Ketchup is practically a health food. All that lycopene, remember?


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