Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eliza's Favorite Place

Eliza is a water baby. When she looked out the window of the beach house and saw the ocean, she yelled, "Water!, Water!" until we took her down to the sand.

She was so excited to put on her swimsuit and swimming shoes (the sand is way too hot to walk on  barefoot).

She ran down the pier as Nathan chased after her. She was on a mission to get to the water!
She sat in the sand for a couple of hours and just dug in the dirt as the waves washed over her. She was fascinated with the water as it went in and out. 

Her cousin, Robert, wasn't as eager to go near the water.
Although I loved Eliza's excitement, I was nervous about her trying to run into the ocean by herself. This little girl has no fear! I preferred walks to playing in the water.

It was great to have the ocean outside of our door for a few days. When we left, Eliza said: "Bye bye, water. Bye bye." It's sad to think she probably will not see the east coast and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean for a very long time. For this reason, I made sure her beach adventure was well-documented (as you can see).


  1. Sooo fun! When I grow up, I want a beach house.

  2. Ah! Those pictures are so cute!
    I remember when my sister Kathryn was three she was always running into the water by herself, so my mom would make her just keep a life jacket on, and once she jumped off the dock without it.
    When my dad pulled her out of the water she yelled, "Why didn't anyone tell me I couldn't swim?"
    Haha, kids are brave.
    And sometimes foolish.


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