Monday, September 19, 2011

25 Weeks

When I was pregnant with Eliza, I would wake up some mornings and actually forget I was pregnant. Of course, this was later on in the pregnancy after all of the sickness and nausea, but for a couple of solid months, things were actually pretty nice. This time around, I don't think there is a moment when I am not consciously aware that I am pregnant; it's my first thought in the morning and my last thought of the evening as I toss and turn in an effort to somehow get comfortable enough for sleep.

And despite all of the sleepless nights, I am constantly comforted by this thought. Nathan spoke with a mother at Eliza's preschool who delivered her twins at 26 weeks. Her children are now active three-year-olds, but it was definitely a long road. I try not to focus on stories like hers and instead focus on all those other stories of women delivering their twins at 34 weeks, 36 weeks, and even 38 weeks (Go, Christy!). 

The babies are extremely active and kick throughout the day (and Baby B also kicks throughout the night). Baby B is undoubtedly the more active child, so I am already preparing for an Eliza, part II. At our appointment today, each baby was doing great and there were no signs of twin to twin transfusion. We were able to see a pretty good view of their profiles, which were shockingly similar. I know, I know...where's the surprise? They're identical! They are supposed to look alike. However, actually seeing the matching profiles made the abstract fact a reality to me. 

So, here we are at 25 weeks:
For the first time in my life, I cannot see my feet when I look down. I'm having a lot of "firsts" these days, it Friday was the first time I have woken up in the middle of the night just to eat a full meal because I was starving. Or, it could refer to tonight, as it is the first time I've been unable to breathe while laying down or sitting up because the babies decided to position themselves under my ribs again. Lastly, for the first time, the babies simultaneously kicked/punched on opposite sides of my stomach yesterday. There was so much movement that Nathan and I couldn't stop laughing as we watched my stomach throughout church.

Life is good. We are happy and blessed. I feel more and more confident that things will continue to go well and these babies will stay safely put until they are strong and healthy. 


  1. Agreed! This is by far one of my favorite pictures of you. I love this dress!

  2. You look great!! So fun to see you guys. How fun that you get to experience the uncomfortableness and big tummy-ness that you missed out on last time! Fun! ;)

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  4. Cute dress! I'm trying to think of what the movie trailer would be for Eliza 2:The Sequel The Eliza'ning. This time, with even MORE Gogurt and Yo Gabba Gabba!

  5. You look amazing! Amazing! Seriously! And i am so excited for you! Random questin though, how can you tell which is baby A and which is baby B?

  6. So beautiful! I'm hoping you hit 36 weeks on the dot. Healthy 6 lb babies is what I'm praying for. My mom always told me to try to hit as close to 40 weeks as I could but...seriously? When you're pregnant with twins, you realize how crazy that is! For your sake, I'm hoping for 36 weeks. :)

  7. I've really been thinking lately that I deserve twins next time I'm pregnant :) Thanks for the details-- what an adventure you're having!


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