Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A few months ago, I was certain I would never eat solid food again. I vomited constantly, received IV therapy, briefly had a feeding tube, and lost 12 pounds. And then, almost overnight, the vomiting stopped. I began to tolerate food and slowly became a normal, functioning person again.

Although it hasn't even been three months since the horror of the feeding tube, it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Nathan and I lived in Provo in our very own house. Our friends came by daily, and we were inundated with dinners and babysitting offers. I had a full-time job. Nathan was still going to school. Life had a definite routine.

These days, our schedules revolve around my various appointments, how I'm feeling, and Eliza (of course). We don't know anyone our age in Othello, so our nights are no longer spent in the company of good friends. Eliza and Nathan no longer make their daily walks to the local grocery store, and I sometimes feel a moment of sadness when I wake up and realize we're not in our familiar bedroom. Life has changed.

That being said, I am incredibly grateful to be living with such wonderful in-laws; I couldn't ask for a better second set of parents. We are supposed to be in Washington for now, but I often miss our old life in Utah. I was thinking about this last night, trying to fight off feelings of depression, and stumbled upon a picture of me at 15 weeks pregnant. It was taken the week before we moved, and I couldn't help but compare the photo to the most recent pregnancy shot.
11 weeks and 25 pounds has made quite the difference! Obviously, life in Washington agrees with me. I can't believe I looked that miserable only a couple of months ago (those who said otherwise were really just too nice). I'm so glad I can eat and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy....even if our plans changed, and we're now in Washington. There are so many positives to this new life. I just need to remind myself of that fact.

So, here is proof that most trials don't last forever....a fact I often need to remind myself of.


  1. I'm so happy that your health has made such awesome progress and that you are doing so much better. You have much more color to your skin and just look all around happier. I can completely sympathize with the lack of social life. Since getting married, we've struggled with finding people to hang out with. It's funny how I, sometimes, used to wish that Ty would go back to school so we could live in a town with young married adult wards, just because it would be easier to make friends. Haha.

  2. WOW, you look SO much happier and healthier now. I am so glad you are feeling better. What you have gone through has made me even more terrified to get pregnant again, but at the same time it has reminded me that it will eventually end and like you say, the trial won't last forever.

  3. You are sooo much better off in Washington. But I can't forget how much I miss you! All the time.


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