Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Eliza is TWO.
She is so big. Just look! Her hair is long enough for PIGTAILS.

She is expressive, she is funny, and she is opinionated. She chatters constantly and says hello and goodbye to everything, including her breakfast and toys. Her speech has developed so rapidly that I constantly find myself asking: "Who taught her how to say that?!" Nathan is still teaching her Portuguese, and I love that she speaks two languages without realizing it.

She loves taking baths and playing in water. She couldn't get enough of the beach with its warm water and sand.
Her current obsessions: eating hotdogs
 and jumping on beds (and teaching her cousin to follow her lead),
She also loves playing with trucks and Elmo. So, for her birthday, she received several little cars and a big dump truck full of legos. She also received the cutest Elmo pajamas and an Elmo backpack. So cute!

I can't believe she was this little a year ago:
People always told me Eliza would grow up before I knew it. Sadly, they were right! We love having a two year old, though. Her birthday party is tomorrow, and I hope she is old enough to appreciate her cake this year :)


  1. She's gotten so big and developed such a personality! Love her! Happy Birthday Eliza!

  2. Wow, she has changed so much. You don't realize how much she has changed until you go back and look at what she used to look like. Crazy how big that sweet girl has gotten. Adorable. Happy Birthday Eliza.


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