Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Change in Plans

After meeting with Dr. Miu in Othello, we thought we had a solid birthing plan. We planned on having the babies at the smaller, community hospital as long as I made it safely to 36 weeks. If anything appeared to be amiss, we would immediately be taken to Spokane or the Tri-Cities for better care.

However, as I began reading various articles and doing research on premature twins, a number of red flags went up in my mind.  I knew I needed more information in order to feel peace about our decision. Nathan and I decided to speak with our perinatologist, Dr. Halverson, and to then discuss the issue with Dr. Miu again in order to alleviate any fears.

When we asked, "What is the safest plan for us to have the boys? Where should we deliver?," Dr. Halverson recommended we meet with the local pediatrician who would tend to the babies once born. Dr. Miu reiterated this suggestion, so Nathan made an appointment to speak with the doctor.

He received some surprising news, and our plans definitively changed. As luck would have it, Dr. Anwon, the pediatrician, will be out of town from December 2nd - December 10th. I will be induced on December 4th if I haven't already gone into labor naturally, so this is obviously a problem. While there will of course be another doctor on call, Dr. Anwon explained the hospital would not have the necessary staffing or equipment to deal with two premature babies at once. Each baby would require its own medical team and the hospital cannot offer that in her absence. And, if I were to go into labor before December 2nd, Dr. Anwon stated the hospital could not provide the care needed for two premature infants, even if she was available.

She explained that premature boy babies "misbehave" more than premature girl babies. Eliza was 5 weeks premature and was a healthy 6 pounds at birth. She had no complications and came home two days later. Unfortunately, boys usually require more support if born early. With this fact in mind, she let us know that having our children in Othello was out of the question.

Cue me freaking out.

There is a hospital four doors down from my house, and it is essentially useless? Well, I guess that isn't even a question. Yes, the hospital is useless as it cannot help me or my children. This means that the closest hospital with capable staff and equipment is an hour away.

With that in mind, this is our new plan: Ty and Jenny, Nathan's brother and my lovely sister-in-law, live in the Tri-Cities. I asked if I could stay with them once I reach 35 weeks in order to be closer to the hospital. If anything happens before 35 weeks, Nathan and I will go to the hospital down the street and hope they can quickly fly/drive us somewhere.

I'm not really worried about going into labor before 36 weeks, though.  At my appointment yesterday, everything looked wonderful. I have no signs of contractions and the doctor said nothing indicates an early delivery.  I'm telling my body to go into labor at 35 weeks 6 days, so I don't have to be induced. It's going to work, too (at least that is what I am telling myself).

Our plans have changed, but I think it is for the best. We will be at a much better hospital, which makes me feel incredibly better about the entire situation. We will also be switching doctors yet again. Dr. Miu recommended someone in the Tri-Cities, and I meet with him on the 14th. I hope he is excited to take on a new patient who is 34 weeks pregnant with twins!

Overall, this entire experience has shown me what a blessing it is to live close to nice hospitals and civilization. When we lived in Provo, I took the capable hospitals and doctors for granted. We had options when it came to medicine, and that just isn't the case here. As long as our babies are taken care of, though, I am fine with being an hour away from home.


  1. Haha. What will Ty do with TWO pregnant ladies in the house?! We're so happy to have you come and stay with us. It's a crazy thought, but the time will just fly by and will be here before you know it.

  2. Oh man! Crazy town! I admire your zen calm in the face of plan upheavals.

  3. No contractions yet? That is great! I am having them so frequently already, but was told not to worry.... So, if you are being induced, does that mean no c-section (hopefully)? You are so good at birthing, I hope you can have them vaginally!

  4. My sister's triplets were all in the NICU for about a month, but the two girls came home a week before the boy. We all thought it was funny to hear that white boys are the neediest of all! Guess it's really true if you heard the same thing! Glad you're taking the safe route. You don't need any more heartache :)

  5. Oh man! I'm glad you're holding up and I'm SO rooting for 35 weeks 6 days because that was how far along I was with my girls. It was perfect.

    Love you. Can't wait to see those babies. :)


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