Saturday, November 19, 2011

Feeling Loved is Nice

After an eventful night/morning at the hospital, I was feeling a bit down that the majority of my birthday would be spent recovering from sheer exhaustion. Nathan was a walking zombie as he attempted to power through the day and take care of Eliza so I could rest without any distractions. Sometime in the afternoon, I stumbled out of the bedroom to eat. As I walked through the house, I was pleasantly surprised to find a series of Post-it notes left in various places by Nathan and my mother-in-law, Cheryl.
It's wonderful how well they know me. Birthday notes were on my container of Carnation Instant Breakfast, inside the cereal bowls, on top of the spoons, on my box of cereal, on the bathroom mirror, and beside my computer. Throughout the day, I would randomly find another note, and I couldn't help but smile. I've never had anyone do anything similar to this, and I was surprised that it meant so much to me! Perhaps gifts are my primary love language, especially when someone has done something so thoughtful, even if it cost absolutely nothing (the love language book would call this "gifts of self").

I had so many thoughtful messages, texts, calls, and Facebook posts. It's funny, but despite the circumstances, I would consider this one of the best birthdays. Nathan wrote a sweet post for me and even baked a cake!
After we sang "Happy Birthday," he surprised me again with the perfect gift. He knew I loved Becca's handheld video recorder and bought me one. I love it!

Cheryl and I did some shopping on Down East and I treated myself to the following items:
(This coat is EXACTLY like the one I wanted from Anthropologie last year. It's only $50 instead instead of $225, though)

A couple of my favorite (and most adorable) gifts arrived this morning. Julie sent me a birthday package full of treats. It included a beautiful scarf and these:
How cute are these little hats!? So cute I DIE. I can't imagine having babies this small. I have been staring at them in wonder for the last couple of hours, and I still can't fathom the fact that they will have owners in just two short weeks.

Life is good. I am thankful for such wonderful friends and family.


  1. I'm ready to make and send the next size up if they end up being too small! So glad you like them!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a good birthday despite the little adventure earlier that morning. I was thinking of you all day and hoping you were doing well. Those hats are amazing and so itty-bitty!. I love you!

  3. Aww what sweet little hats!! I'm glad you had a nice birthday and I'm so glad I got to talk to you, even though I'm so sorry I didn't know it was your birthday at first! And I'm so sorry I said the worst thing a friend can say ("wait, I thought you just had a birthday...") I'm so sorry, friend!! I am the worst, but I totally love you and I'm glad the day got better. I can't believe these babies will be here soon! Too crazy to imagine!!!

  4. so sweet! It's amazing how those little things can just make your day. Hope you had the best birthday ever, sweet pea!

  5. I totally circled those two items in the latest down east catalog! you have excellent taste :)

  6. Love the sweater and i'm glad you ended up having a good birthday! I can hardly imagine a baby in those tiny hats but they sure are adorable! I'm so excited for you! I'm glad the babies decided to have their OWN birthday. I've always told Nick that i don't want ti have a child on my birthday! And i am happy that the Dr. O is nice. He better be for those wait times! And good luck with the coming up birth! CRAZY! It feels like yesterday (to me) that you found out you were pregnant! I am so excited for you!


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