Thursday, November 3, 2011

Curlers, Please

Eliza has recently started to express an interest in more "girly" things. For months, she has shunned baby dolls and bows and has instead opted to dig in the sand, play with trucks, and collect toy trains. Nathan and I have encouraged her to do what she wants, so she has amassed a rather large collection of matchbox cars and helicopters. I guess "boy" toys are much more exciting. I've saved the Polly Pockets and princess jewelry for someday when Eliza deems them worthy of her time (if that ever happens).

Over the past few weeks, though, she has suddenly decided it's okay to put on dresses and even requests to wear her "sparkle shoes" every day. She still isn't a fan of things in her hair, stuffed animals, or dolls, but does enjoy lip gloss and and the color pink.

Speaking of "things in her hair," Eliza's hair is out of control. I'm not sure what to do with it because cutting it will not solve the problem of it constantly being in her eyes (unless we give her bangs...which wouldn't really work with her curls). She allowed pig tails for a while, but is over that phase. Any bow, clip, or rubberband is promptly pulled out. So, imagine my surprise last night when Eliza requested curlers in her hair!

Grandma was rolling her hair, and Eliza thought it would be a good idea for her to join in on the fun. She was dismayed that we only gave her one curler and insisted, "More curlers, please!"
Grandma came to the rescue.

Eliza was happy, but a little embarrassed of her new look. She kept the curlers in for over an hour, though! 
Now, if I could only think of a way to convince her to keep other things in her hair....She's especially cute when you can see her little face!

(We should also work more on the baby doll issue. We found her repeatedly slamming her doll on the floor after I pretended it was "mommy's baby." She loves kids, but doesn't quite understand babies or what the point of a baby doll is. Hopefully, she adjusts well to two her new brothers).


  1. Oh my goodness! These are amazing! Never lose them.

  2. How sweet! She looks adorable.


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