Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Exciting!

For the past few months, Nathan and I have heard the exclamation, "How exciting!" dozens of times. Everyone is so happy for us to have twins-- family, friends, and even complete strangers (we're excited, too).

And although it seems like everyone knows someone who has twins or is pregnant with twins, people are always fascinated by multiple births.  I find myself constantly answering the same set of questions.

The conversations usually go something like this:

"Twins? How exciting! How far along are you?"

"(Insert number) weeks."

"Do you know if you are having boys or girls?"

"We're having two boys."

"Are they identical?"


"How can they tell that!?"

"Well, the doctors can see the babies are sharing a placenta, so that means they have to be identical."

"So, do twins run in your family?"

"They do on my husband's side, but because our twins are identical, it means it has nothing to do with genetics. It's really a lucky coincidence." 

"Oh really (doesn't look convinced). So, are you having a c-section?"

"Hopefully not. It depends on the babies." 

"I just assumed all twins were born by c-section these days. So, did you and your husband plan on this? Were they natural?"

"Yes, we planned on having another baby. No, we didn't decide to have twins. And yes, they are natural." (followed by my awkward, uncomfortable laughter)

I think that covers the basics.

I realize conversations like these can be extremely annoying for many pregnant women, but I actually don't mind the questions. The only questions I try to avoid are the final ones I mentioned-- the ones about whether or not Nathan and I "planned" to get pregnant with twins and if they are natural. Not only are these question ridiculous, but it is awkward for obvious reasons. Other than that, though, I am more than happy to talk about our babies. They occupy my thoughts the majority of the day and growing them is my full-time job. I also realize I have been on the opposite side of the conversation.

Before my own twin pregnancy, I was fascinated by multiples. This infatuation began years ago when I was a little girl; I always wanted two baby dolls so I could pretend I had twins. Additionally, I was obsessed with Quints. Do you remember these?
When I called my grandmother and announced we were having twins, she happily exclaimed: "Oh, Cil! This is perfect for you. It's like your dream come true!"

And you know what? It is.


  1. OH MY GOSH Quints!!!! I DO remember those!!!

  2. Haha. And the c-section question is just one of the reasons I'm doing a home birth. You know I think it's funny how when we are little it sort of prepares us for what we are going to be like when we are older. I always wanted to be a mom, but I always had this feeling that I would have to wait longer to have any children. Spooky! I love that you played with more than one doll. I think I kind of remember those Quints dolls. So funny.

  3. Wow, I was going to say "OH MY GOSH Quints!!!!" but then Katy did it for me. She remembers them because I had them as a kid and LOVED THEM.

  4. I get asked all of those questions too!!! most people assume i had a c section and are usually surprised when i tell them it was a vaginal birth. and i get asked a lot to if we planned the twins. how can you plan twins?! lol

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  6. Speaking of planning, isn't it funny when people say "Are you trying for (insert gender here)"? How does one try for a boy or a girl?? I mean obviously there are people who can afford to have doctors help them pick a gender, but everybody else can't just wish their baby to be a boy or a girl! (And I totally remember Quints!)

  7. Oh my goodness! I just caught up on all your posts and i have to tell you that you are fabulous! Eliza is darling and just sounds so cute! She cracks me up! You look amazing! I'm sure the boys will be safe and i hope the new doctor is great! I would have loved to see Eliza handing out candy. Oh goodness! You are darling and i love your little family!

  8. I LOVED Quints when I was little. You're such a wonderful mother, Celia! These boys are blessed to have you :) As is Eliza.

  9. I loved Quints. So awesome. I still remember the mega stroller they came with. Ah the 80's.

  10. Ha... There was a segment on the Today Show this morning about pregnancy etiquette. You should never: Ask how far along a woman is, Tell your own experiences, Ask if someone is having multiples because they seem so big, or ask if the multiples are natural. hahaha...

  11. I think there is something wrong with me because I started crying as soon as I started reading this.

    I love you and I love twins so SO much.

  12. People are so dumb. You say the boys are identical and then they ask if they're natural. Um, no, we split the egg on purpose.

    You don't see a lot of quint-type toys anymore, especially with Kate Gosselin and the OctoMom, you know, doing it in real life, crazy people.

    You have seen this, right?


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